Telgorithm is the Best Replacement for Your Zipwhip Messaging APIs – Here’s Why

Need to Replace Your Zipwhip Messaging APIs? Look No Further

The Latest from Zipwhip: Unrealistic Deadlines, No Clear Solution 

If you’re using Zipwhip (or more recently known as “Twilio Zipwhip”) messaging APIs, particularly for your A2P 10DLC messaging traffic, you were hit with an abrasive and urgent deadline to get registered with The Campaign Registry (TCR) if you hadn’t already, or that you may experience blockages. 

The initial announcement stated that you had less than 24 hours to register. Hours later, Zipwhip updated their advisory to give an additional two weeks to tackle this unexpected issue, but that "...it may take up to five business days for your registration to fully process and to restore messaging capability". In other words, no clear path was laid out for meeting this deadline and avoiding what could be detrimental disruptions to your SMS business. Ouch. 

If this is a taste of what’s to come with the greater sunsetting of Zipwhip in December 2023, it’s important to start looking for a new messaging API home now. Here’s why Telgorithm is the best Zipwhip alternative for messaging APIs today. 

We’re the Experts on A2P 10DLC 

While most messaging API providers have been letting their customers run unregistered 10DLC traffic, we’ve been automating and streamlining the registration process to make it as fast, easy, and repeatable as possible. This is because beyond being generally compliant, there are incredible, ROI-boosting benefits to being registered with TCR. Three include: 

  • Higher throughputs – send more messages at a given time based on your messaging Use Case
  • Better message deliverability – avoid having your legitimate messages blocked as SPAM
  • Lower pass-through fees – sending unregistered 10DLC traffic can cost you up to 4x higher pass-through fees

We’ve Streamlined the TCR Registration Process 

It was important for us to make 10DLC registration as straightforward and quick for our customers as possible. How we’re different is that when you integrate with Telgorithm APIs, you’re able to integrate directly with TCR’s APIs. Rather than enter your customers’ information in two places – Telgorithm and TCR, in this case – you only need to enter the info on TCR. Many vendors do not support API-based registration, or a quasi-API model, meaning you’re required to enter the information manually. If your provider only offers a manual setup, the risk of human errors such as typos and longer processing timelines goes up. 

We’ve made streamlining possible through a tight integration with TCR. When our customers register as Campaign Service Providers, or CSPs (more on that here), TCR will automatically send us the information, which we auto-import into the CSPs’ Telgorithm account. 

Another benefit of API-based registration is more privacy protection. Information such as a business’ EIN number is shared only with TCR, the official compliance source – Telgorithm, or any provider, doesn’t need access to that info.

We Guarantee Message Deliverability

So you’ve registered your 10DLC traffic and are now approved for more than double the throughput limits you were able to send messages at before. The question you need to ask now is, “will your messaging API provider enable you to hit those limits?”. 

What we mean is, unless your provider has the capability to track your approved throughput limits as well as every one of your end user’s Mobile Network Operator (e.g. T-mobile, Verizon, AT&T, etc.) and its daily, per minute, or per second sending limits, then send at those exact rates, you still won’t achieve optimal deliverability. 

The majority of providers simply place a cap on messages so that they send at the lowest approved throughput rate. However, when it comes to T-mobile’s daily limit, capping isn’t possible, so they’ll remove the ceiling completely and leave customers susceptible to blockages. 

Where Telgorithm brings immense value to customers is with our patent-pending smart queueing technology. This unique tech does all of the above automatically and at no additional cost so that your messages are sent at maximum rate limits and without experiencing blockages. With our enterprise-grade queueing logic in place, we can guarantee message deliverability for your messaging campaigns. 

If there were ever a case in which your messages are inaccurately blocked as SPAM and you had followed all guidelines, we will credit you for the message. 

Sending your messages at their greatest throughput potential, avoiding blockages, and only paying for delivered messages is how you will supercharge your ROI. 

We’ve Made Migration Seamless 

You may be noticing a trend at this point, but we tend to create streamlined paths for almost everything on our platform, and migration is no different. With a few lines of code, you can migrate from Zipwhip’s APIs to ours in as fast as minutes. 

Take a closer look at how to get started with us here.

Our Customer Service is Unmatched 

As we all know, the world of telecom is ever changing, from new regulations from the FCC to changes at the Carrier level. When a wrench like the Zipwhip shutdown is thrown, hundreds of thousands of companies are impacted at a time, and often with very little information or guidance. 

Telgorithm was founded to bring change to our industry. We developed enterprise-grade messaging APIs that are easier to use and more affordable than anything on the market to make premium widely accessible. Additionally, because we’ve been the customer before and have dealt with a lack of transparency and support, we knew customer service had to be prioritized, bar to none. 

Every Telgorithm customer works one-on-one with a Customer Experience Manager, from initial onboarding and registration to sending your first message, all the way through sending your 500 millionth. We’re dedicated to your success and bottom line. 

Ready to Migrate Over to Telgorithm?

We know these are chaotic times for Zipwhip’s current customers, and we’re here to help. Set up a consultation with one of our messaging experts to learn more about how Telgorithm can not only support you through migration and registration, but also supercharge your messaging ROI while saving you money.

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