Your A2P 10DLC Texting Campaigns Are Probably Being Capped or Blocked – Here’s Why


If you landed on this page, you’re undoubtedly familiar with A2P 10DLC text messaging. You know that if you’re using APIs to send text messages through cloud solutions or applications, you’re required to be on the A2P ecosystem (as opposed to P2P), whether you’re promoting a flash sale, requesting two-factor authentication, or chatting with a customer. Unless properly registered, mobile carriers will flag your business texts as SPAM, blocking these campaigns and charging higher per-segment tariffs. So you worked with your standard Messaging API Provider to register your company with The Campaign Registry (TCR), register your Brands ($4 per Brand) and your Campaigns ($10 per month per Campaign), and in some cases pay a $40 fee for additional vetting, all for the purpose of having a higher throughput – enabling your customers to send mass texting campaigns without being flagged as SPAM.

So is that what’s happening?

Not exactly.

How Throughput is Currently Being Managed 

We have found that the majority of all Messaging API Providers (yes, even the big ones) are not monitoring or managing the daily, per minute, or per second A2P 10DLC limits on texting  campaigns set by each Mobile Network Operator (MNO). We know this because these Messaging API Providers don’t know the end user’s MNO. Without this info, it’s impossible to properly monitor and prevent campaigns from exceeding the daily or per minute/second allotments. Their solve?

Some standard Messaging API Providers are currently capping your campaigns at the LOWEST approved TCR limits. Others are actually lifting the ceiling completely but without properly tracking the approved TCR limits, leaving you vulnerable to exceeding those limits, resulting in your texts being blocked or Brands/Campaigns suspended. 

What?! The whole point of A2P vs. P2P texting is to get higher limits – but your texts are most likely being either capped right out of the gate, or not monitored at all. If your texting campaigns are being impacted and your reach and deliverability is compromised, imagine what that means for your overall texting ROI.

The Telgorithm Difference

[As far as we know,] Telgorithm is the only vendor at this time that automatically knows and tracks what sending limits you’re approved for at the Brand/Campaign – MNO level and therefore supports exactly what you were approved for. You know, those higher limits you paid for through registration.

We know what you’re approved for because as a direct Connectivity Partner (CNP), we get the information directly from the TCR. That info will then be tied to your Telgorithm number(s) and Telgorithm will do a lookup prior to sending every text (at no additional cost to you) to figure out A) who is the text recipient’s MNO, and B) how many texts are being sent to this particular MNO from this Brand and its related Campaigns at this time. We then queue it up accordingly, and when it’s time to send additional texts, we send them out – ensuring approved limits are never exceeded. Telgorithm currently has a provisional patent on this technology and process.

If you’re confused at this point, we understand. Truthfully, we’ve been confused as well. We implore you to talk to your provider and ask whether this is affecting your campaigns or not. Ask to see your logs (check the delivery timestamps!) to confirm for yourself.

Why is This Happening?

From what we can tell, the main reason this is going on is that it’s costly and complex to do lookups on the fly. With virtually no Messaging API Providers implementing this approach (until Telgorithm), there hasn’t been much pressure to invest in the resources required to allow their customers to optimize texting campaign throughput.

For our founders, developing and implementing this throttling technology at our inception was a no brainer. In fact, we assumed it was the industry standard – we thought everyone was doing it! We’ve been using this patent-pending throttling technology since we brought on our very first customer in 2021. Here’s a high-level diagram to visualize how it works:


Campaigns are either being capped at the lowest approved limit to avoid getting flagged, or the caps are being lifted altogether, leaving customers vulnerable to exceeding throughput limits and getting blocked or even suspended. Again, this is a huge missed opportunity to reach your desired audience and capitalize on the investment you made through registering your company and each Brand and Campaign with TCR in the first place.

Join Our Throughput Webinar on July 13

For a deeper dive into all things A2P 10DLC throughput throttling, our CEO and co-founder, Aaron Alter, will be hosting a live webinar on Wednesday, July 13 at 1PM PT. Please join us by registering.

In the meantime, if you have questions and would like to learn more about our patent-pending throughput throttling technology and how quickly and easily it can be implemented to supercharge your texting campaigns, let’s chat!

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