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Meet Telgorithm.

Telgorithm was established in 2021 by telecom veterans who, with 20+ years of collective experience, saw a massive need to set a new standard for automation, quality, and transparency in the cloud communication space.

Telgorithm was founded on the principles of transparency, customer experience, responsibility, education, and empathy. Telgorithm is not only here to save you money on a per-text basis, but to provide a superior messaging API that works how it should while creating a community to educate customers on the evolving A2P landscape. Telgorithm is here to provide a clear path forward to SMS & MMS messaging success.

Our mission is simple.

Our mission is to provide an automated and reliable A2P text messaging API that proactively helps businesses navigate the ever-changing A2P messaging landscape. The result is a transparent partner who will guide you every step of the way, helping to increase revenue while decreasing overhead costs.

We’ve been the customer before.

We’ve dealt with the lack of transparency, unanticipated fees and poor customer service. We created Telgorithm to improve the space with advanced tech while bringing heart to the industry.

Meet our team

Aaron Alter
Aaron AlterCEO & Co-Founder
Yury Semerikov
Yury SemerikovCTO & Co-Founder
Samantha Hewitt
Samantha HewittSr. Manager of Growth Marketing
Nikolay Baraboshkin
Nikolay BaraboshkinLead Software Engineer
Marina Shiryaeva
Marina ShiryaevaQA Engineer
Alexey Burlakov
Alexey BurlakovSr. Software Engineer
Denis Kriuchkov
Denis KriuchkovSr. Software Engineer
Aleksandr Lebedev
Aleksandr LebedevFrontend Developer
Adrian Miller
Adrian MillerSales Data Analyst
Claire Webber
Claire WebberPeopleOps Specialist
Amber Ryerson
Amber RyersonBusiness Development
Lauren Spinelli
Lauren SpinelliManager of Growth Marketing
Josh Finly
Josh FinlySales Development Manager
Zahid Hasan
Zahid HasanImplementation Manager

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Career Opportunities at Telgorithm

Telgorithm is on a mission to innovate the the cloud communications space and provide the best product and services in the industry. Interested in joining our team? Explore our open roles!