Powerful Hosted Messaging for Telecom Compliance & SaaS

Telgorithm is your auth key to guaranteed deliverability & higher messaging throughput powered by our A2P (application-to-person) Compliant Platform.

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CSP or Reseller, how should I register?

Unlike the celebrated dynamics between Jedi vs Sith or Good vs Evil, the differences between a Campaign Service Provider (CSP) and a Reseller isn’t about what is right versus what is wrong. Instead, choosing a path between CSP and Reseller is dependent on your business needs.

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Our cloud platform allows you to take advantage of Telgorithm’s hosted messaging services, without disruption

Hosted Messaging

Easily migrate your messaging services to Telgorithm’s fully-compliant platform while leaving your voice services with your current provider. You don’t even have to change your number.

Implementing our APIs is a piece of cake

Don’t add months to your product roadmap to transition to Telgorithm. Our easy-to-use APIs allow you to migrate to our Platform with minimal developmental effort. 

Prevent dead messages

We guarantee message deliverability* or we’ll credit the cost of undelivered messages and related pass-through fees.

*Restrictions apply

White-glove service

Our team of experts works hip-to-hip with you and your product team to help you become messaging compliant quickly so you can focus on delighting your customers.

“Every customer matters. Customer-centricity is largely lacking in cloud-communications, and our mission is to change that.”

Telgorithm supports all of your 10DLC business messaging needs, meaning that you never have to onboard with another vendor ever again.

Are you ready to make the switch to A2P?

Let’s start the conversation about how quickly we can get you switched over to Telgorithm with zero disruptions to your current telecom and messaging infrastructure.

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