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APIs for the next generation of business text messaging.

Enable your software or application with the best SMS APIs for 10DLC messaging. Offer your customers 99%+ message deliverability with automated A2P compliance and rate limit management. Explore our developer-friendly programmable SMS APIs for faster, easier and more reliable A2P messaging.

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Expect more from your messaging API provider.

New A2P requirements means you need to be thinking about managing your customer's messaging differently. Don’t want your software to get left behind? Explore our next gen messaging API that offers:

New Age Automations

Simplify & speed up everything from 10DLC registration, compliance & more for your customers.

Next Gen Features

Save money per message with automated rate limit management for 99%+ deliverability. Don't pay for dropped messages.

Fast & Easy Integration

Get started in one week or less. Port numbers over instantly & in bulk with zero disruptions, making your dev team happy.

1:1 Customer Service

We keep open lines of communication between your team & our support and technical experts. Response to support tickets in 24hrs or less.

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Campaign Registry

3 never-before-seen features you
must have to offer better deliverability than your competition.

99%+ deliverability with no dropped messages.

Time Routing
Smart Queueing
Message Prioritization

Smart Queueing Calculator

Cost of Failed Messages
Monthly Messaging Volume
Platform Fees Cost(What You Pay Per-Message)
10% of Total Messages Are Expected to Drop Each Month
$ Spent on Carrier Pass-through Fees for Failed Messages(Approx. $0.003 Per-Message)
Potential Lost Revenue
How much you could be saving each year with Telgorithm’s Smart Queueing technology


How much $$ would you save?

An estimated 10% of all 10DLC text messages are failing each month due to exceeding Carrier rate limits.Use our calculator to find out how much your team could be saving annually with Smart Queueing.Enter your estimated monthly messaging volume (the number of 10DLC messages your application or software sends each month), your cost per message, and we’ll do the rest.
Campaign Registry

We are partnered directly with The Campaign Registry (TCR) for an API-based registration. This means an automated A2P 10DLC registration process saving your team hours or manual work and no disruptions to your software or application's SMS/MMS during setup.

Need support registering your customer's 10DLC numbers with TCR?



“We rely on Telgorithm & the (formerly) most popular API messaging provider for our new GPT4 powered delivery & service copilot. The difference is stark. With Telgorithm the messages get through. With Telgorithm we're confident our A2P 10DLC registration gets done correctly. With Telgorithm we get rapid response quickly. The world of text messaging just got a whole lot more complex. It's not simple to pull this off. With Telgorithm we have a partner we can rely on... needless to say we've shifted all of our business to Telgorithm.”

Doug Marinaro, CEO

Offer the best SMS & MMS on your software or app with Telgorithm.