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Automated TCR Registration


As early 10DLC adopters, we knew how important it was to make The Campaign Registry (TCR) registration as quick and painless as possible, so we partnered with TCR for an API-based registration that saves our customers time, money, and unnecessary overhead. What this means is that when you integrate with Telgorithm APIs, you’re able to integrate directly with TCR's API. So instead of entering your customers’ information in two places – Telgorithm and TCR – you only need to enter the info on TCR. This is an API-based registration.

Most vendors aren’t currently supporting this quasi-API model, which means their customers are having to enter the information manually. Manual setups are always risky – human errors such as typos and longer processing times go up, making this a less-than-ideal solution.

We’ve made streamlining possible through a tight integration with TCR. When our customers register as Campaign Service Providers (CSPs), TCR automatically sends Telgorithm the information, which we then auto-import to the CSP’s (our customer’s) Telgorithm account.