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Aaron Alter

Meet Aaron Alter

CEO & Co-Founder

With nearly 20 years of heavy domain experience in telecommunications spanning wireless, VoIP, and cloud communications technologies (accompanied by multiple patents), Aaron brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise, particularly to SaaS.

Prior to co-founding Telgorithm, Aaron served as Head of Telecommunications at ServiceTitan where he spearheaded the strategy and development of their cloud communications stack including their unique and cutting edge Phones Pro offering. He went on to serve as the Director of Telecommunications at SignalWire (creators of FreeSWITCH).

Today Aaron is as motivated about revolutionizing the telecom industry as ever, one communication channel at a time (tackling both cloud API's and applications). As our fearless CEO and true subject matter expert – if you know, you know – Aaron works to support the team and company through excellent project management skills and surprisingly motivating telecom-oriented pep talks. Outside of work, Aaron can be found with his beautiful family and, more often than not, BBQing.

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