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Yury Semerikov

Meet Yury Semerikov

CTO & Co-Founder

In 2013, Yury graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics, Mechanics and Computer Science at the Ural Federal University, one of the most reputable universities in Russia.

Soon after he started working for a well-established and prestigious local company as a .NET Developer, but after one year decided to take a chance on a remote opportunity with a small LA-based startup: ServiceTitan.

Yury saw ServiceTitan as an opportunity for technical and career growth. He initially went through the application development process from scratch, participated in its growth, in increasing the load, performed tasks "yesterday" and fixed bugs right in production. Eventually, Yury would take over the telecom department and began working closely with Aaron. They understood each other well and found that they made a highly efficient team. In 2021, Aaron would invite Yury to become a co-founder and CTO of Telgorithm – an easy "yes".

Yury is passionate about Telgorithm's mission for creating a full-fledged, modern product that will help companies develop their businesses with minimum cost for telecom integration. Outside of work, you might find Yury driving his electric scooter on the streets of LA, managing a diving center that he co-owns in Egypt, or experimenting with new cocktail recipes at his home bar.

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