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Carrier Fees

Carrier & Other Pass-Through Fees

Carrier pass-through fees are subject to change. The tables shown below are as of July 2024 and are shown for informational purposes only. Carrier pass-through fees will be collected by Telgorithm and remitted to mobile network operators on behalf of its Customers through the monthly Fees invoice process.
U.S. Cellular

Standard Message Classes

ClassDescriptionText per MinSMS FeeMMS Fee
ARussell 3000 Company - Single Use Case4,500$0.0030$0.0050
BRussell 3000 Company - Multiple Use Case4,500$0.0030$0.0050
CLarge Business - Single Use Case2,400$0.0030$0.0050
DLarge Business - Multiple Use Case2,400$0.0030$0.0050
EMedium Business - Single Use Case240$0.0030$0.0050
FMedium Business - Multiple Use Case240$0.0030$0.0050
TSmall Business75$0.0030$0.0050
N ²Agents, Franchise, Local Branches60$0.0030$0.0050
W ¹ ²Sole Proprietor15$0.0030$0.0050

Special Message Classes

ClassDescriptionText per MinSMS FeeMMS Fee
S ²Social Engagement60,000$0.0030$0.0050
KElection Campaigns4,500$0.0030$0.0050
X ²Emergency Services / Public SafetyN/AN/A
PCharitable - Only Non-profit 501 (c)(3)2,400N/AN/A
Y ¹ ²K-12 Education720N/AN/A
G ¹ ²Proxy Numbers / Bridge Services / Anonymization120$0.0030$0.0050

No message class

DescriptionText per MinSMS FeeMMS Fee
Unregistered 10DLC Traffic ³Default P2P throughput and subjected to SPAM filters$0.0100$0.0150

¹ TPM setting is on a per number basis.

² Requires carrier approval and additional CSP responsibilities for Campaign Review and Content Screening.

³ Not applicable from Canada to Canada traffic.