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Boulevard’s Seamless Migration from Twilio to Telgorithm SMS API for Higher Deliverability and Better Support

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Discover how Boulevard, a leading client experience platform for thousands of self-care businesses, partnered with Telgorithm to overcome A2P 10DLC SMS & MMS messaging challenges and improve their customers’ experience.


Rapid API Migration & 10DLC TCR Registration

The Problem
Boulevard needed to quickly migrate their customers’ live 10DLC SMS & MMS traffic and get it registered with The Campaign Registry (TCR) to avoid disruptions.
Why it Matters
Boulevard was experiencing deliverability issues with unregistered traffic while paying extremely high Carrier pass-through fees.
Telgorithm’s Solution

Telgorithm’s Automated Number Porting feature enabled Boulevard to seamlessly port their active phone numbers from Twilio’s API to Telgorithm’s instantly and in bulk.

Our Automated TCR Registration is API-based and helped Boulevard speed through proper 10DLC registration.

Through an expedited Campaign vetting process, Boulevard was sending fully-registered messages fast.

Lastly, Boulevard experienced an easy set up with our open API generator. Their software team found our API documentation simple and straightforward for a more streamlined experience.

Providing Guidance for Proper 10DLC Registration Setup

The Problem
During 10DLC registration with TCR, Boulevard’s former API provider, Twilio, incorrectly grouped all of their customers as Campaigns under one Brand.
Why it Matters

On TCR, a Brand is intended to represent a company, and a Campaign represents that company’s messaging use case(s).

By bundling all customers under one single Brand, Boulevard’s overall message throughput / rate limit potential was drastically limited and were at risk for all Campaigns to be negatively impacted by any one bad actor.

The Solution

Telgorithm provided dedicated guidance to get all of Boulevard’s customers properly set up as Brands on TCR, and created Campaigns for each messaging use case (made quick and easy with API automations).

Having proper 10DLC configuration helps minimize texting disruptions for their customers and enables them to scale their messaging with ease.


10DLC Rate Limit Management Tech for 99% Deliverability

The Problem
With Twilio, Boulevard experienced deliverability issues including dropped and blocked messages on T-Mobile, even with fully registered traffic. This was largely the result of Twilio not programmatically track and manage TCR and Carrier rate limits.
Why it Matters
Good deliverability to T-Mobile is vital for 10DLC messaging success. Exceeding T-Mobile’s daily limit can result in disruptions across all Campaigns under one Brand.
The Solution

Telgorithm's Smart Queueing technology auto tracks and manages TCR and Carrier rate limits for every Brand, Campaign, and end user on behalf of Boulevard.

Messages are sent as fast as the Campaigns were approved for without being capped or exceeding limits, including T-Mobile’s daily limit, preventing messages from being dropped or blocked.

Telgorithm sends alerts to let you know if you’re nearing any limits so you can proactively apply for added vetting and avoid queueing altogether.

We are the only provider to offer this advanced rate limit management tech.

Without Smart Queueing, 20% of all messagesto T-Mobile end users would have been at risk of being dropped or blocked.*
 99% of all messageswere successfully delivered
*Percentage represents a 1-month period

The Best Customer Service for 10DLC Success

The Problem
Newly enforced 10DLC regulations and guidelines have become challenging and confusing for software providers like Boulevard to navigate. It became difficult to ensure their 10DLC Campaigns were being properly submitted and approved.
Why it Matters
In the Spa & Salon vertical, businesses are appointment-based and rely on successful SMS/MMS message delivery for appointment notifications, reminders, confirmations, etc. When Boulevard’s customer experiences an issue, it can impact their business and bottom line. Boulevard is responsible for solving instantly and relies on their provider for expertise and support.
The Solution

Telgorithm knows the A2P 10DLC landscape is difficult to navigate. Compliance regulations and requirements are constantly changing top down, which means if you don’t partner with a provider that is deeply knowledgeable in 10DLC, strongly connected with the DCAs, and quick to share updates and real-time guidance to your team, you will experience disruptions.

Like all of our customers, we provide Boulevard with open lines of communication including a dedicated Slack channel for fast support. We offer guidance throughout 10DLC registration, Campaign vetting, and beyond to ensure Boulevard’s long-term success.

Find out how Telgorithm can help you achieve the best SMS & MMS deliverability rates in the industry.