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Premium Customer Support

With A2P text messaging compliance regulations and requirements constantly evolving, businesses need a messaging API provider that can offer hands-on guidance, expertise, and support.

Telgorithm was created to bring positive change to the telecom industry. We’ve been the customer of API providers before and have experienced the lack of transparency and support that’s resulted in business disruptions, customer frustrations and sometimes churn. We know firsthand how challenging this industry can be to navigate and how critical it is to receive timely guidance and support, which is why we’ve taken a proactive approach.

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How we set customers up for long-term success:

Dedicated Customer Experience Manager
Dedicated Company Slack Channel for fast, real-time access to support
Support that will always be included in your service, 100% free.

Automation Technology for Ease of Use

Telgorithm has developed automated solutions for many processes your product team is using on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis to save them valuable time.

Automated TCR Registration for 10DLC

Fast API-based registration for reduced manual work & lower risk of human error.

Automated Phone Number Porting

Port existing numbers to Telgorithm’s API instantly & in bulk for zero disruptions.

Automated Rate Limit Management

Tech that proactively manages all SMS & MMS messages for 99% deliverability.

Advanced Reporting

Say Goodbye to Cryptic Error Codes

With many SMS & MMS API providers, half the battle of resolving issues is interpreting the vague error codes you receive. In the event your customer runs into an error, you’ll automatically receive a transparent report with a detailed description to help you quickly resolve, prevent future issues, and avoid opening a support ticket. 

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A good customer support team means an even better CX for your customers. Learn more on how to offer the best for your customers.


“The team has been fantastic in providing guidance with the initial implementation, and they continue to be incredibly helpful navigating the waters of A2P 10DLC as well as other technical issues and best practices. We rarely have any issues, but when we do, the team consistently goes above and beyond to help. I'm really glad I found Telgorithm to provide this solution for our company.”

Jonathan W., CEO

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