Getting Started

The entire process takes less than 1 week.The thought of switching providers or onboarding an API platform for the first time sounds daunting, we know. But just like everything else, we’ve automated this process so your business experiences zero interruptions and can begin sending messages in one week or less. Check out the 5-step process below, and note that there’s only one day of engineering work required starting at Step 5.

Register as a Campaign Service Provider

Done on The Campaign Registry (TCR) website

3-5 days


Create Brand & Campaign

Done in the TCR portal



Create Messaging Config

Associate your application & (automatically imported) TCR campaigns in the Telgorithm portal



Purchase a Number & Associate with Messaging Config

Done in the Telgorithm Portal



Send the message

Less than 1 day of integration to start sending messages

< 1 day

If you’re migrating from another provider, all you need to code is step 5.

Yep, that’s less than 1 day of engineering work.Click below for step-by-step instructions on how to easily migrate from Twilio
More Coming Soon!