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How to Get Started

Our SMS APIs are developer-friendly and easy to integrate with. As a CSP, you can test drive our technology with a no commitment, pay-as-you-go trial today.
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Fast & Easy Integration:

  1. 1. Must be a Campaign Service Provider (CSP) with The Campaign Registry (TCR).
    As a CSP you will create a Brand(s), create Campaign(s), and select Telgorithm as your Connectivity Partner in TCR.
  2. 2. Integrate with Telgorithm with minimal coding.
    Telgorithm will automatically import your approved Campaigns into your Telgorithm account. You can now purchase numbers.
  3. 3. Start testing our product.
    Test inbound and outbound text messages, get any questions answered by our technical or support teams, and experience the Telgorithm magic.
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Interested in a pay-as-you-go trial?

Reach out to our team to learn more.

Quick Campaign Migration

If you are a CSP with your current API provider, you can swiftly migrate existing Campaigns on TCR from your legacy provider to Telgorithm without disruption using TCR’s Campaign Migration Tool.

Automated Number Porting

Easily port active or existing phone numbers from another API provider to Telgorithm instantly & in bulk with Automated Number Porting, completely free.Because Telgorithm is a Hosted SMS API provider, you can keep your Voice with your current provider and only port your SMS/MMS to our APIs. We can host your text messaging on those same numbers concurrently without disruption.

Expect Premium Customer Support

  • Dedicated Customer Experience Manager
  • Dedicated Slack Channel for Real-time Access to Technical & Support Teams
  • Support that will Always be Included in Your Service, 100% Free
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Telgorithm is an easy API integration and an easy recommendation. Their tools are user intuitive and their APIs were easy to use.

Telgorithm UserLead Architect