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Automated Number Porting


Porting or migrating active/existing application-to-person (A2P) phone numbers from one SMS API provider to another is called Number Porting. At Telgorithm, we offer Automated Number Porting, which means we enable our customers to port A2P numbers instantly and in bulk to avoid any customer disruptions.

Telgorithm built a unique API logic that informs us in real-time the exact moment a number switches from another provider to us. You can then proactively set up an ‘event’ to automatically send all API calls to Telgorithm, enabling you to port numbers instantly and in bulk.

Telgorithm does not charge for Automated Number Porting.

Because we are a Hosted Messaging provider, you can stay with your current provider for voice and port just your SMS/MMS to Telgorithm. We can host your messaging on those very same numbers concurrently.