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Brand and Campaign Rejections


In order to send messages on local or 10-digit long code (10DLC) numbers in North America, your numbers need to be registered with The Campaign Registry (TCR). 

As part of TCR registration process you must register all of the Brands that will be listed underneath your business. Brands = your customers that the messages will be coming from. And you must register all of the Campaigns underneath those Brands. Campaigns = the messaging use cases your customers leverage i.e. marketing, appointment reminders, alerts, etc. 

Once you are registered as a CSP with TCR, all of the information you shared about your customers and their use cases, AKA your Brands and Campaigns, need to be vetted for accuracy by Direct Connect Aggregators (DCAs) and either approved or rejected.

If one thing is out of place, from anything as small as a typo to a larger problem like no opt-in language on your customer’s website, that will lead to a rejection. 

To avoid TCR Brand and Campaign rejections and ensure TCR approval, please refer to the following guide.