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Interested in testing out Telgorithm’s SMS API technology for 10DLC messaging? As a Campaign Service Provider (CSP), you can sign up for a 30-day risk free pay-as-you-go (PAYG) trial today.
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How it works:

  1. 1. You must be a Campaign Service Provider (CSP) with The Campaign Registry(TCR).
    Not a CSP? We can help you get started.
  2. 2. Integrate with Telgorithm.
  3. 3. Fund your account & start sending & receiving messages.
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During this trial you will experience...

Telgorithm’s best-in-class customer support

During the trial you’ll receive a dedicated Slack channel so your team can quickly connect & troubleshoot with support & technical team members. Receive guidance & fast support from 10DLC experts. 

Fast Campaign approval timelines

We provide guidance & feedback to help you create compliant Brands & Campaigns for faster approvals. We can help you create compliant website templates for your customers. Get your customers’ Campaigns approved the first time around.

Our unique tech solutions for 10DLC messaging

With Smart Queueing, your customers’ Carrier rate limits will be perfectly managed for optimal deliverability. Give your customers the unique ability to schedule or expire any queued messages, as well as ensure high-priority messages are never queued. 


What is Telgorithm’s minimum monthly messaging volume?

Why do I have to be a Campaign Service Provider (CSP) to run this trial?

How long does it take to integrate with Telgorithm’s SMS APIs?

How long is the PAYG trial?

What happens if I decide to become a Telgorithm customer after my trial?

Smart Queueing Calculator

Cost of Failed Messages
Monthly Messaging Volume
Platform Fees Cost(What You Pay Per-Message)
10% of Total Messages Are Expected to Drop Each Month
$ Spent on Carrier Pass-through Fees for Failed Messages(Approx. $0.003 Per-Message)
Potential Lost Revenue
How much you could be saving each year with Telgorithm’s Smart Queueing technology


How much $$ would you save?

An estimated 10% of all 10DLC text messages are failing each month due to exceeding Carrier rate limits.Use our calculator to find out how much your team could be saving annually with Smart Queueing.Enter your estimated monthly messaging volume (the number of 10DLC messages your application or software sends each month), your cost per message, and we’ll do the rest.