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SMS & MMS Text Messaging API Pricing

Our text messaging API was developed to intuitively maximize your spend for the best possible ROI, but we didn’t stop there. We offer highly competitive committed usage pricing so that you can feel confident in your investment.


SMS / MMS Pricing & Fees

Below are Telgorithm’s prices for sending and receiving SMS & MMS messages. All prices are for United States and Canada numbers. To learn about custom pricing options for high volume messaging, contact sales.

Phone Number Types

SMS Inbound


SMS Outbound


MMS Inbound


MMS Outbound

10-digit Long Code (10DLC)Free$0.00500 / SMS$0.00930 / MMS$0.01500 / MMS
Toll-free$0.00600 / SMS$0.00632 / SMS$0.00800 / MMS$0.01600 / MMS

*SMS / MMS messages are charged per segment. Prices do not include Carrier pass-through fees.

High Volume Messaging

Custom pricing options for committed high volume messaging are available. Reach out to our team to learn more.

  • Monthly Recurring Fees
  • Call Forwarding Fee
  • Number Look-up Fee
CountryHosting ServicesMonthly Recurring Per Number Fee (first 1,000 numbers)¹Monthly Recurring Per Number Fee (above 1,000 numbers)¹
United States and CanadaLocal Numbers$0.5000$0.2500
United States and CanadaToll-free Numbers$1.0000$0.7500

¹Preferential and Standard Pricing.

Pricing Calculator

We believe in transparent pricing. Use this tool to get an idea of how much you will be spending per month.All prices are estimates and do not include Carrier pass-through fees.

Customized Contractscreated to serve your needs

Contract Buyoutsempowering you to make the best decision for your business

Committed-Use Discountwhen you commit to a monthly volume of messages

10DLC Numbers


Outbound SMS


Outbound MMS


Toll-Free Numbers


Outbound SMS


Outbound MMS


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