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Next Gen SMS & MMS API for Software Platforms

The only API to automate A2P texting compliance & message management for 99% deliverability.


If you’ve experienced…

Telgorithm can solve with…

Unreliable SMS/MMS Message Deliverability
Rate Limit Management (Smart Queueing) for 99% Deliverability on Average
Slow, Manual TCR Registration for 10DLC
Automated TCR 10DLC Registration as a Campaign Service Provider (CSP)
Disruptions Caused by Brand or Campaign Rejections on 10DLC
Expedited Campaign Vetting Approvals & Expert Guidance to Solve for & Avoid Rejections
General Lack of Support or Guidance
Free On-Demand Customer Support from Industry Experts
High Overhead, High Cost API Integration
Fast & Easy API Integration for Zero Disruptions
Customer Disruptions While Porting/Migrating Active Phone Numbers
Automated Number Porting for Instant & In-Bulk Number Migration
High Cost of Switching API Providers
Competitive Per-message Pricing
If you’ve experienced…
Unreliable SMS/MMS Message Deliverability
Telgorithm can solve with...
Rate Limit Management (Smart Queueing) for 99% Deliverability on Average

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Unique Product Features

Automated TCR Registration for 10DLC

Telgorithm is partnered with The Campaign Registry for an API-based registration to eliminate the need for another manual setup to save your team time & cut down the risk of human errors. We provide expert guidance throughout the process to avoid rejections and achieve approvals fast.

Automated Registration

Automated Number Porting

Port active/existing phone numbers from another API provider to Telgorithm  instantly and in bulk to avoid customer disruptions. Telgorithm does not charge for Number Porting.

Because we are a Hosted Messaging provider, you can stay with your current provider for voice and port just your SMS/MMS to  Telgorithm. We can host your messaging on those very same numbers concurrently. 

Automated Number Porting

Automated Rate Limit Management

Telgorithm is the only provider with automated rate limit management technology (we call it Smart Queueing) that enables you to send messages at max rates without ever exceeding your limits. This is how our customers achieve 99%+ message deliverability on average.

Smart Queueing

Message Prioritization

Ensure your highest priority messages are sent first. In the event that your messages need to be queued, your most urgent Campaigns can be programmed to deliver first, giving you peace of mind that they won’t be delayed.

Message Prioritization

Message Time Routing

With Time Routing, you can proactively determine what happens with the messages that are queued. You can rescind or “expire” the messages from the queue that no longer need to be sent, or schedule them to be sent during a specific time period. This enables you to use your rate limits efficiently, save on costs and provide a better customer experience.

Time Routing

Advanced Error Reporting

Forget error codes. If your customer runs into an error, you’ll automatically receive a transparent report with a detailed description to help you instantly resolve & avoid opening a support ticket (although we’re always here to help).

Advanced Reporting

Phone Number Verification

Your customer can verify that the phone numbers they are texting are real & in service prior to sending the message. This tool ensures that you keep your lists tidy, only pay for messages delivered to real numbers, & prevent a poor customer experience & avoid low deliverability score.

Offered at $0.0009/number

Number Verification

Group messaging

Build out threaded group text messages with as many parties as needed for seamless customer experiences.

Group messaging
Supported SMS & MMS Use Cases:
  • Alerts
  • Confirmation Messages
  • Customer Support
  • Group Messaging
  • Marketing & Promotions
  • Product & Service Offers
  • Reminders
  • Shipment or Delivery Notifications
  • Scheduling
  • Surveys & Feedback
  • Text-to-Pay
  • 2-Factor Authentication (2FA)
  • 2-Way Communication