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Maximize 10DLC Message Deliverability with Smart Queueing

Never let your customers exceed 10DLC Carrier limits again. Our Smart Queueing technology saves an average of 20% of 10DLC messages from failing, improving your customer’s deliverability and per-message savings.
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Smart Queueing for 10DLC

Smart Queueing is Telgorithm’s patent-pending product feature built for A2P 10DLC text messaging that proactively and automatically manages Carrier rate limits to prevent your customers from ever exceeding a limit and having messages fail. This technology is included in our SMS/MMS API services.
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How Smart Queueing Works

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Before your customer (Brand) sends 10DLC traffic from your software or application, Telgorithm proactively does a lookup on:
1) The exact Brand & Campaign rate limitations

2) The phone numbers of the end users you're about to message to determine their Carrier or subsidary.
You will receive a Queueing Alert when this Campaign reaches 2/3 of its Carrier rate limits, & again when it reaches 100%.This is to enable you to proactively apply for added vetting to avoid being queued in the future.
If the Campaign hits 100% of its Carrier rate limits, the remaining messages will be Smart Queued to prevent any service disruptions or failed messages.
Once the limit resets, the remaining messages are sent for optimal deliverability.These messages can be proactively managed for the best customer experience with features like Message Prioritization, Time Routing, and Message Expiry.
Achieve message deliverability rates of 99%+ on average. Zero failed messages from exceeding Carrier rate limits, and zero risk of being capped.

Why Our Customers Love Smart Queueing

99%+ Message DeliverabilityWe guarantee deliverability on compliant SMS/MMS.
On-time DeliveryMessages are never capped & will deliver when you want them to.
Happier CustomersReceive fewer support tickets from customers, scale up your 10DLC offering.

Smart Queueing Calculator

Cost of Failed Messages
Monthly Messaging Volume
Platform Fees Cost(What You Pay Per-Message)
10% of Total Messages Are Expected to Drop Each Month
$ Spent on Carrier Pass-through Fees for Failed Messages(Approx. $0.003 Per-Message)
Potential Lost Revenue
How much you could be saving each year with Telgorithm’s Smart Queueing technology


How much $$ would you save?

An estimated 10% of all 10DLC text messages are failing each month due to exceeding Carrier rate limits.Use our calculator to find out how much your team could be saving annually with Smart Queueing.Enter your estimated monthly messaging volume (the number of 10DLC messages your application or software sends each month), your cost per message, and we’ll do the rest.


What is Smart Queueing?

How does Smart Queueing work?

Why is it called "Smart Queueing"?

What are the benefits of having Smart Queueing?

What happens to your messaging platform if you don't have a tool like Smart Queueing?

Is Smart Queueing very technical feature to leverage or can anyone utilize it?

What is Telgorithm's error code for exceeding 10DLC Carrier limits?

How much does Smart Queueing cost?

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Customer Spotlight

Customer Spotlight

With Smart Queueing, Telgorithm customer Boulevard prevents an average of 20% of their customers’ 10DLC messages from failing every month.
Without Smart Queueing,20% of all messagesto T-Mobile end users would have been at risk of being dropped or blocked.
99% of all messageswere successfully delivered

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