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What is A2P 10DLC?

A2P 10DLC stands for Application-to-Person 10 digit-long code. 10DLC numbers are 10-digit phone numbers that businesses can use to send text messages to customers in North America. 10DLC supports both transactional and promotional messaging, and can include any US area code. The benefits of this is that region-specific phone numbers can feel more personalized (and less spammy) to recipients.

Navigating A2P 10DLC Registration & Vetting with Aaron Alter

Navigating A2P 10DLC Registration & Vetting with Aaron Alter

Discussing A2P 10DLC (Local Numbers) Registration with...

Discussing A2P 10DLC (Local Numbers) Registration with...

Why is A2P 10DLC Important?

A2P 10DLC was created to be a reliable channel for SMS & MMS text messaging traffic implemented by mobile Carriers to combat SPAM, aiming to protect end users.

With this new, fully sanctioned A2P 10DLC path, legitimate businesses in the US and Canada following best practices are rewarded with less filtering for improved message deliverability and higher per-message throughput rates, also known as rate limits.

This is achieved through registering your A2P 10DLC traffic with The Campaign Registry (TCR) - more on that below.


10DLC vs. Toll-Free

Toll-Free numbers are 10-digit phone numbers that begin with distinct three-digit codes that can be dialed from landlines with no charge to the person placing the call. Customers can also send text messages to toll-free numbers, so long as those numbers are “text enabled,” and businesses can send texts in response.

Toll-free codes: 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844 and 833.


Why are so many moving from Toll-Free to 10DLC?

Toll-Free is more expensive.

From a monthly recurring standpoint, overall 10DLC costs are lower than Toll-Free.

Toll-Free isn’t getting higher throughputs.

Toll-Free throughputs/rate limits are the same and in some cases lower compared to 10DLC.

Users are charged for inbound SMS messages on Toll-Free.

They’re FREE on 10DLC.

A2P 10DLC Registration A-Z

The Campaign Registry 10DLC Registration

What is The Campaign Registry?

The Campaign Registry (TCR) is the reputation authority for A2P 10DLC text messaging and works directly with mobile Carriers in North America. TCR is a record of truth that allows businesses to register A2P 10DLC text messaging campaigns.

What is TCR Registration?

TCR registration is a lot like doing a background check. When you provide the required information on a business (Brand) and its texting use case (Campaign), TCR is able to vet and verify the business and its messaging needs. If everything checks out, the Carriers then reward you with higher SMS & MMS throughputs (rate limits), zero filtering, and lower pass-through fees.

What are the costs associated with TCR Registration?

The below fees are invoiced directly by TCR:

ItemFeeFee Occurrence
CSP Sign Up Fee$200.00One time
Low Volume Mixed$1.50Monthly for each campaign
Charity$3.00Monthly for each campaign
Emergency$5.00Monthly for each campaign
Sole Proprietor$2.00Monthly for each campaign
Agents & Franchises$30.00Monthly for each campaign
All Other Campaigns (Standard and Special)$10.00Monthly for each campaign
Brand Registration$4.00One time per brand
Standard Vetting$40.00One time per vetting
Political Vetting - Email or standard PIN delivery$64.00One time per vetting
Political Vetting - Express mail PIN delivery$91.95One time per vetting
Failed Standard Vet Appeal$5.00Per appeal
Failed Political Vet Appeal$22.00Per appeal
Navigating A2P 10DLC Registration & Vetting with Aaron Alter

Navigating A2P 10DLC Registration & Vetting with Aaron Alter

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What are you paying for by registering with TCR?

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Improved deliverability

Higher throughput

Telgorithm’s Smart Queueing

Once you’ve registered with TCR to receive higher throughputs/rate limits and better deliverability, you need someone – your messaging API provider, aggregator, or yourself – to be tracking the throughputs you paid for. This is the only way to take advantage of your higher allotted limits. 

At Telgorithm, we believe this is the messaging API provider’s responsibility.

Our text messaging APIs have smart queueing technology that auto-tracks your approved throughputs/rate limits and auto-manages your traffic going to each Carrier so that you can maximize your texting ROI potential.

Smart queueing prevents you from exceeding your throughputs/rate limits Our text messaging APIs have so you avoid dropped or blocked messages while still sending at maximum rates. Getting exactly what you pay for - not capping or lifting the ceiling.

Expedited Campaign Vetting.

Our customers can avoid campaign vetting delays and start sending registered messages within days, not weeks.

We’ve calculated that on average, for every 1M messages, waiting 15 days alone on Campaign vetting approvals could cost you an avg of $5K in revenue. Determine how much money you could be saving per Campaign with expedited vetting with Telgorithm.

See how Smart Queueing works
Smart Queueing

Struggling with 10DLC approvals? Switch to Telgorithm’s SMS API to get direct access to dev-friendly support on 10DLC Campaign vetting and approvals.

Telgorithm’s A2P 10DLC Registration Automations

A2P 10DLC registration with The Campaign Registry (TCR) opens you up to the benefits of higher throughput/rate limits, improved deliverability, and lower pass-through fees giving you the best messaging experience for a positive ROI.

At Telgorithm, we streamline the registration process to offer automated registration, expedited Campaign vetting approvals, and automated number provisioning.


Automated Registration

Telgorithm is partnered with TCR for a unique API-based registration, saving customers time & cutting the risk of human errors.

Expedited Campaign Vetting

Due to our trusted relationships with DCAs, you can expect Campaign vetting approvals in days, not weeks.

Automated Number Provisioning

Migrate existing numbers or purchase new numbers instantly for new Campaigns for immediate turn up.

More A2P 10DLC Resources

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The benefits of registering with TCR as a CSP


Demo our expedited Campaign vetting approval speed. Reach out to our 10DLC experts today to learn more on how to get started.

Navigating A2P 10DLC Registration & Vetting with Aaron Alter

Navigating A2P 10DLC Registration & Vetting with Aaron Alter