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Food for Thought: What Are You Paying for When You Register with The Campaign Registry?

Written by: Aaron Alter

SMS Throughput, 10DLC Throughput

If you are currently utilizing 10-digit long codes (10DLC), also known as local numbers, for application-to-person (A2P) text messaging, you are likely planning to or have already gotten registered with The Campaign Registry (TCR). That’s a great decision, but let’s dig in further.

According to their website, TCR is “the reputation authority for business text messaging on 10DLC”. What does this mean? 

A simple way to think about TCR registration is that it's a lot like doing a background check. When you provide the required information on a business (Brand) and its texting use case (Campaign), TCR is able to vet and verify the business and its messaging needs. If everything checks out, the Carriers then reward you with higher SMS throughputs (higher messaging volume limits) based on your use case and perceived needs. 

So when you pay to register your 10DLC traffic with TCR, what exactly are you paying for? 

Compliance? No. Your content must be compliant regardless of registration – TCR doesn’t grant compliance.

Better deliverability? No. Although your deliverability will improve after registering because you experience less filtering, that’s not the primary intent.  

When you register with TCR, you are paying for higher throughput

However, if no one is tracking these throughput limits – not your provider, aggregator, or yourself – then you have no way to take advantage of them. 

At Telgorithm, our APIs have smart queueing technologythat auto-tracks your approved throughputs and auto-manages your traffic going to each Carrier so that you can maximize your texting ROI potential. Smart queueing prevents you from exceeding your throughputs so you avoid dropped or blocked messages while still sending at maximum rates.  

When it comes to A2P messaging, smart queueing is fundamentally a MUST.

Ask your current provider how they’re managing your throughput limits today, and how they track how many of your end users are on each Carrier. Then, reach out to our team of 10DLC experts to learn more about Telgorithm’s smart queueing and how it will benefit your bottom line in 2023.

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