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Time Routing


Time Routing is an out-of-the-box product feature via our API that allows you to rescind or “expire” queued SMS & MMS messages per Campaign that no longer need to be sent due to time sensitivity, such as limited-time marketing offers, alerts, 2FA notices, and more. Or you can schedule them in advance by adding preferred time periods for when the messages should be sent.

This is extremely important for high-volume and time-sensitive messaging that has the potential to reach its TCR and Carrier rate limits. Complementary to our unique Smart Queueing feature, which automatically tracks and manages your approved rate limits at the TCR and Carrier level to queue any messages that go over your limits, Time Routing enables you to rescind the messages from the queue that no longer need to be sent, or schedule out during a specific time period. 

In the Telgorithm portal or API, you can simply set timers on your Campaigns that ensure any queued messages will be held until your selected time periods, giving the end user the best possible experience with the Brand.  

Below are a few examples on how Time Routing enables your SMS/MMS to provide a better customer experience!

  • Marketing – Reached your Carrier limits sending out a one-day-only BOGO sale? Don’t disappoint customers who end up receiving the sale Saturday – rescind the message!
  • Alerts – Urgent customer update going out but reached your Carrier limits? Once the problem is solved – don’t alarm and alert the queued customers – rescind the message!
  • Business Hours – Sending an update but hit your Carrier limits on T-Mobile? Don’t disturb your customers when the T-Mobile Carrier limit resets at midnight, schedule each queued message to go out at a reasonable hour per each customer's time zone! 

Time Routing enables you to use your rate limits efficiently, save on sending unnecessary messages and provide a better customer experience.