Telgorithm Raises $3.8M To Become The One-Stop Shop For All Your Cloud Communication Needs

Original source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/frederickdaso/2022/02/22/telgorithm-raises-38m-to-become-the-one-stop-shop-for-all-your-cloud-communication-needs/

Businesses of all stripes and colors rely on cloud communication platforms as a core pillar of their customer service. In particular, software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies depend on these platforms to deliver unique, high-quality customer experiences to their users, but are limited by the functionality and design of these APIs across the unified cloud communications stack. Aaron Alter, Mason Zheng and Yury Semerikov understood the need for transparent, flexible software that SaaS companies could adopt and modify with ease, leading them to create Telgorithm. Telgorithm is a “purpose-built” cloud communications enablement platform that provides compliance-based messaging and voice solutions to SaaS vendors. The Los Angeles-based infrastructure startup has recently raised a $3.8 million seed round led by Bonfire Ventures with participation from Daher Capital, Amplify.LA and I2BF.


The three Telgorithm co-founders: CEO Aaron Alter (upper left), CTO Yuri Semerikov (upper right) and COO Mason Zheng (lower middle)

Read more: https://www.forbes.com/sites/frederickdaso/2022/02/22/telgorithm-raises-38m-to-become-the-one-stop-shop-for-all-your-cloud-communication-needs

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