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Telgorithm Raises $3.8 Million to Expand Compliance-Based Messaging Platform.

Original source: https://saasindustry.com/news/telgorithm-a-cloud-communications-technology-startup-has-raised-3-8-million-to-expand-its-compliance-based-messaging-platform

Telgorithm team
Telgorithm team

Telgorithm Inc., a cloud communications technology business based in Los Angeles, has received $3.8 million in seed funding to expand and improve its compliance-based messaging platform for SaaS providers.

Telgorithm is a messaging platform that enables SaaS companies to create and support message services in their products. Streamlining compliance and message delivery is simple with Telgorithm’s simple RESTful APIs.

The funding will allow the software business to expand its existing sophisticated messaging APIs to include a cloud-based voice communications platform, led by Bonfire Ventures, with participation from Daher Capital, Amplify.LA, and I2BF.

Today, Telgorithm provides hosted messaging services that enable SaaS companies to integrate text messaging into their core systems via a standard 10-digit-long code (10DLC) and toll-free telephone lines.

“Bonfire invests exclusively in B2B software businesses, so we have a clear understanding of the benefits of Telgorithm’s tight focus on SaaS vendors as customers for their communications solutions. Telgorithm helps SaaS vendors deliver more value to their end customers and drive superior business performance. It’s a huge market opportunity. We love that the founders previously worked together and brought very similar products to market for the same use-case, so the ‘founder-market fit’ here is simply off the charts. We are very excited to be supporting Telgorithm and these founders as the company grows.”
Jim Andelman, managing director and co-founder of Bonfire Ventures

Telgorithm was founded in May 2021 due to the founders’ recognition of the need for a comprehensive commercial telecom and messaging platform. Its founders have a combined 18 years of telecommunications experience, spanning cellular, VoIP, and SaaS, offering them unique viewpoints from both the client and provider sides.

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