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10DLC Compliance Checklist: How to Fix (Most) Rejected Campaigns on TCR

Written by: Telgorithm Expert

10DLC SMS Registration on The Campaign Registry

A2P 10DLC Compliance: It Takes a Village  

Is it your job to help customers through 10DLC SMS and MMS compliance? Then you likely spend a lot of time troubleshooting 10DLC registration and rejection issues.

If you’ve had an influx of support tickets from customers experiencing Campaign rejections during registration with The Campaign Registry (TCR), you’re far from alone. Telgorithm is a CPaaS specializing in 10DLC SMS & MMS text messaging, and we’ve helped our customers migrate thousands of Brands and Campaigns to our APIs to get properly registered and approved with TCR fast. 

Below is a quick, high level guide for helping your customers overcome (or better yet, avoid) 10DLC Campaign rejections. 

Guide to Overcoming 10DLC Campaign Rejections

Telgorithm put together the below guided steps and checklists so you can help your customers in your sleep. *For more detailed guidance and information, download our free eBook, “Mastering A2P 10DLC Registration” here

  1. Step One: Review the DCA’s reason for the rejection. If your software platform is registered with The Campaign Registry (TCR) as a Campaign Service Provider (CSP), you will be able to see the exact reason your customer’s Campaign was rejected in your TCR portal. If your SMS API Provider is your CSP and has made you a Reseller, you will need to request the reason for your customer’s Campaign rejection from them. 
  2. Step Two: Locate the section(s) that was flagged and guide your customer through the required changes. Even if the DCA gave one specific reason for the rejection, we do recommend reviewing the entire Campaign submission for 10DLC compliance to avoid another potential rejection.  

10DLC Brand Website Requirements: 

  • Make sure the Brand name and website match. 
  • Visit the website and ensure it’s secured and doesn’t contain broken links.
  • Any web forms that have mandatory phone number fields require opt-in disclosures.  
  • The website should include a Privacy Policy (mandatory for all Brands excluding Sole Proprietors). 

Opt-in Message Checklist – What to Include: 

  • Brand name
  • Message frequency
  • Opt-out language 
  • Help language
  • “Msg & data rates may apply”

Opt-out Message Checklist – What to Include: 

  • Brand Name
  • Opt-in language
  • “Msg & data rates may apply” 

Help Message Checklist – What to Include: 

  • Brand name
  • Brand website (do not use a link shortener!)
  • Brand phone number
  • Opt-out language
  • “Msg & data rates may apply”
  • Opt-in language (if applicable) 

Sample Messages: 

  • If you selected a Mixed Campaign, include at least one sample per use-case.
  • For dedicated use-cases, include at least two sample messages. This is just a best practice. 
  • Always include your Brand name at the beginning of the message
  • Include Message Frequency 
  • Include Help language
  • Include Opt-out language 
  • Close with “Msg & Data rate may apply” 

Need Better 10DLC Registration Guidance & Support? 

To reduce headaches and keep up with changing 10DLC requirements in 2024, it’s critical to partner with the right CPaaS. At Telgorithm, we’re the experts in 10DLC messaging so that you don’t have to be. 

Our technology is uniquely designed for the needs of 10DLC messaging (such as rate limit management), and our support team is dedicated to guiding our customers through their industry-specific or use-case-specific 10DLC regulations and challenges. 

The best way to handle rejections is to avoid them altogether. If your team is ready to streamline your 10DLC messaging services, schedule a demo with the best SMS API provider for 10DLC today. 

*Disclaimer: Please note that the ecosystem is constantly improving the vetting criteria to ensure the ecosystem is kept clean. You should not consider this blog post a “catch-all” and guarantee approval as long as you follow the suggestions within; instead, consider them as a baseline that illustrates the general direction of compliant, high-quality messaging that the ecosystem is moving towards. Additionally, none of this information is legal advice. Telgorithm recommends that you consult with your legal counsel in regards to your website Privacy Policy, etc.

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