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How to Choose the Right CPaaS Partner for Your 10DLC SMS/MMS API

Written by: Telgorithm Expert

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Biggest Challenges Software Providers Currently Are Facing with 10DLC SMS

Six months ago, the biggest hurdle for software providers faced with 10-digit long code (10DLC) text messaging was, without a doubt, registration with The Campaign Registry (TCR). Since the mandate to be registered (or face a cut off) there’s been a widespread industry shuffle and thousands of businesses pushed to get their 10DLC SMS/MMS customers successfully registered.

Today, the most common challenges we’re hearing about are a lack of effective, solution-oriented 10DLC guidance from your Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) and poor message deliverability, despite being fully registered. 

Your CPaaS provider is directly responsible for both of those issues – leveraging their expertise to guide your team through new regulations, technical issues, and nuanced challenges, as well as supporting your TCR-approved rate limits with tech that can proactively manage them for exceptional message deliverability. 

Is Your Current CPaaS Provider Setting You Up for Success?

You can leverage Messaging APIs from a wide array of CPaaS providers on the market – but when it comes to 10DLC messaging, you may need more than a one-size-fits-all solution. 10DLC services a specific market (recipients in North America) and aims to be a clean SMS/MMS pathway. There’s a top-down push for SPAM mitigation by way of various compliance regulations and requirements, and of course, TCR registration. 

As a bare minimum, your provider is relaying all updates and requirements to you in a timely manner and can offer guidance and support for adopting to any changes and troubleshooting issues. While unexpected issues will arise from time to time, you generally should not be experiencing business disruptions that impact your customers all because your support ticket has been sitting with your provider for days, weeks, or even months. 

Similarly, your provider should be more than capable of getting your compliant and registered 10DLC messages sent with high deliverability rates and zero error codes alerting you that you’ve exceeded carrier throughput/rate limits. TCR unlocks specific rate limits after successfully registering your Brand and Campaign based on your messaging use-case. If your API provider is not managing those higher rate limits across each carrier for you, who is? 

Must-have Solutions for 10DLC SMS Success

10DLC messaging is different from Toll-free and short code – and so is Telgorithm’s approach to it. Here are 5 ways we keep our customers’ stress levels down and deliverability rates up: 

  1. FREE Customer Support – It feels strange to call out that our customer support is included with our service, but for our competitors, it’s not the norm. We have a team of 10DLC experts available to guide you through the various regulations and requirements mentioned above, help you make sense of any nuances in your industry or specific use-case, troubleshoot challenges, and more. 
  2. Advanced Error Reporting – Instead of traditional error codes which can be cryptic and unhelpful, we’ve developed what we call Advanced Error Reporting. If your customer runs into an error, you’ll automatically receive a transparent report with a detailed description to help you easily interpret and resolve the issue to avoid needing to open a support ticket. But in the event that you do need more help… 
  3. We Respond to Support Tickets in 24 hours on Average – Disruptions can be costly and damaging for our customers, which is why we work swiftly on support ticket responses and most importantly, resolutions. 
  4. Automated Rate Limit Management Technology – You will never receive an error for exceeding your rate limits from Telgorithm – we don’t even have one. We offer a unique tech solution called Smart Queueing for the most effective rate limit management on the market, resulting in an average of 99%+ message deliverability across all customers. 
  5. API Product Features for Superior CX – When our customers are nearing their rate limits, instead of receiving an error code, they receive Queueing Alerts so they can proactively apply for added vetting and avoid using Smart Queueing altogether. If they do reach their rate limits, though, Smart Queueing enables them to send at max rates and queue any messages that would go over, and will release the messages when the rate limit refreshes so no messages are dropped. Additional features like Time Routing and Message Prioritization enable customers to proactively determine what happens with queued messages, and which Campaigns should always be prioritized so they don’t end up in a queue. 

Think Telgorithm Can Help Boost Your 10DLC Messaging in 2024? 

So do we. Reach out to our team of experts to learn how our unmatched customer support and unique SMS/MMS API offering can support your goals this year.

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