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Avoiding Campaign Rejections: New 10DLC Compliance Requirements to be Aware Of

Written by: Telgorithm Expert

New 10DLC Compliance Requirements to be Aware Of in Order to Complete Registration

What’s the Deal with Campaign Rejections?

For software providers offering A2P 10-digit long code (10DLC) SMS & MMS text messaging to their customers, dealing with Campaign rejections during the registration process has become an all too common occurrence.

In a recent article we explained how Campaign vetting works, why it’s actually a manual process done by Direct Connect Aggregators (DCAs), and how the push to get all 10DLC traffic registered has caused much longer wait times and more scrutiny during vetting. 

Today, some aspects of Campaign submissions and approvals have improved as folks new to 10DLC registration are getting the hang of it, however the newest 10DLC compliance requirements come with new potential growing pains. 

New Guidelines as of Oct. 5, 2023

On October 5, the DCAs issued some critically important changes that will further impact A2P 10DLC compliance and Campaign approvals. These changes are required to be made to any new OR non-approved Campaigns including pending, rejected, or resubmitted Campaigns in order to get approved. 

Here are six key changes for your SMS/MMS team to be aware of to avoid 10DLC rejections:

  1. Privacy policy is now mandatory for all sizes of companies (all verticals), except Sole Proprietorship.
  2. Brand name must be added to all sample messages, including keyword messages.
  3. Message frequency must be mentioned in the Opt-in sample message. Pro tip: If you're not comfortable specifying an amount, okay to say 'Message frequency depends on your activity'.
  4. 'Help' sample message must include the contact details.
  5. "Message & Data rates may apply" must be included in the MT SMS disclosure.
  6. Call-to-action / CTA must be included in the verbiage if Opt-in is collected verbally. 

While these are the newest changes, we’ve previously shared a list of other common causes of Campaign rejections for your team to leverage.

Campaign Guidance is Mission Critical for 10DLC Compliance

While it’s critical to know about any new or existing DCA requirements for 10DLC Campaign submissions to equip your team, we know from experience that one of the most important components in our customers’ success is having Telgorithm’s guidance and support as their SMS API provider throughout the process. 

If your SMS API provider isn’t able to walk you through these changes and mitigate any potential rejections or quickly solve for rejections, how will your business and customers be impacted?

To learn more about Telgorithm’s unique solutions for 10DLC registration, Campaign vetting, and real-time customer support and guidance, set up a demo with one of our experts.

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