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Time Routing: The Newest API Feature for Reliable Message Management & Customer Experience 

Written by: Aaron Alter

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Telgorithm is all in on making A2P 10DLC text messaging more automated, reliable, and effective for businesses, and we’re excited to share a brand new product feature that will enable our customers even further. The first of its kind in the A2P messaging industry, Time Routing allows businesses to better manage text messages that are queued, saving on costs and providing a better customer experience. 

What is Time Routing? 

Time Routing is an out-of-the-box product feature via our API that allows you to rescind or “expire” queued SMS & MMS messages per Campaign that no longer need to be sent due to time sensitivity, such as limited-time marketing offers, alerts, 2FA notices, and more. You can proactively set Time Routes for queued messages so that they either rescind or schedule for later by adding your preferred time periods for sending (thing of T-Mobile’s midnight reset time for rate limits!). This is extremely important for high-volume and time-sensitive messaging that has the potential to reach its The Campaign Registry (TCR) and Carrier throughput/rate limits. 

Smart Queueing, Message Prioritization & Time Routing

Time Routing is complementary to our unique Smart Queueing and Message Prioritization features. Smart Queueing automatically tracks and manages your approved TCR and Carrier rate limits so you can send at the fastest speeds without ever exceeding your limits; any additional messages are queued up to send at the next available opportunity. With Message Prioritization, you can proactively program your most urgent messages to be delivered first so that they’re not sitting in the queue. 

And now with Time Routing, you are able to strategically determine what happens with the messages that are queued. You can rescind the messages from the queue that no longer need to be sent, or schedule to be sent during a specific time period to give the end user the best possible experience. 

Where to Access Time Routing 

Time Routing can be accessed via the Telgorithm portal or API. You can simply set timers on your Campaigns that ensure any queued messages will be held until your selected time periods, giving the end user the best possible experience with the Brand. You can rescind/expire a message directly from our API.

Examples of Use Cases for Time Routing 

Below are a few ways Time Routing can enable your SMS & MMS messaging to provide an even better customer experience:

  • Marketing – Reached your Carrier limits sending out a one-day-only BOGO sale? Don’t disappoint customers who end up receiving the sale Saturday – rescind the message!
  • Alerts – Urgent customer update going out but reached your Carrier limits? Once the problem is solved – don’t alarm and alert the queued customers – rescind the message!
  • Business Hours – Sending an update but hit your Carrier limits? Don’t disturb your customers when T-Mobile’s limit resets at midnight, schedule each queued message to go out at a reasonable hour per each customer's time zone!

To learn more about Telgorithm’s unique A2P 10DLC API features, schedule a free demo with one of our experts!

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