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Navigating Tech Stack Changes: A Guide to Integrating and Migrating SMS API Providers

Written by: Telgorithm Expert

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Curious About Switching Providers?

One of the biggest hangups with getting your team or company on board with making any major change in your tech stack is usually fears around integration and migration. 

How long will it take? 

How many resources will be sucked up in the process?

What about existing product deadlines and goals? 

Will our customers experience any service disruptions!? 

We are an SMS/MMS API provider specializing in 10DLC messaging and we hear these concerns from prospects all the time, even when they’re facing costly, damaging issues with their existing provider. We recognize this conundrum, so we’re breaking down what you can actually expect when integrating with Telgorithm and migrating from another API provider. 

Telgorithm’s API Integration for CSPs

If your platform or application is already registered with The Campaign Registry (TCR) as a Campaign Service Provider (CSP), the integration process will be that much simpler. Telgorithm does require all customers to be registered CSPs as we believe it’s the most transparent and beneficial setup for you and your customers in the short and long term.

As a CSP you’ll go into your CSP portal and: 

  • Create a Brand 
  • Create a Campaign
  • Select Telgorithm as the Connectivity Partner (CNP) 

We’ll be notified of your selection on our end and will accept. Because we are uniquely connected to TCR on the backend, the Brand and Campaign info will be automatically sent to your Telgorithm account. 

A developer or engineer can leverage our API documentation to complete minor coding for the integration which is usually complete in 24 hours. 

You can now purchase numbers and begin testing inbound and outbound SMS and MMS messages.

In Summary:  

  • If you’re registered as a CSP, the API integration is extremely quick - typically 24 hours or less. 
  • Majority of the integration process does not need to be completed by a technical team member; there’s a minimal amount of coding needed.
  • All of this can be performed during a pay-as-you-go trial to enable your team to test the product and mitigate any issues before switching.

Up Next: API Migration

Now that your software has been integrated with Telgorithm’s APIs, you can begin to migrate your 10DLC traffic from your legacy API provider to us. There are two main areas of focus here: migrating your existing Campaigns in TCR and porting over existing phone numbers from your provider. 

10DLC Campaign Migration 

If you are registered as a CSP with your current API provider, you’re in great shape here. TCR recently launched a self-serve tool to enable CSPs to swiftly migrate their Campaigns from one provider to another without having to re-register, re-pay the $15 vetting fee, and wait for Direct Connect Aggregator (DCA) approval. 

If you are not registered as a CSP with your provider, Campaign migration won’t be as streamlined. However, the sooner you get your business unstuck from the Reseller model and properly registered so that you maintain ownership, control, and autonomy moving forward, the better. 

In this instance, you will need to re-register your Campaigns, re-pay the $15 vetting fee, and get DCA approval. Don’t let this hold you back – Telgorithm can support you through this process in a multitude of ways, including providing hands-on compliance support and guidance to help streamline Campaign submissions and increase the likelihood of first-time approvals; we can help get priority Campaign approvals expedited with DCAs; we can uniquely enable you to send unregistered traffic temporarily while your registration is pending; and we can assess the total vetting cost together and collaborate on a path forward. 

Porting 10DLC Phone Numbers 

We know how scary number porting can be because no one wants their customers to experience a disruption in their SMS and MMS. This is why we offer an automated solution to number porting that enables a seamless and instantaneous transition from your legacy API provider to Telgorithm. 

We created an API logic that informs you in the exact moment in real-time that your number(s) has switched from another provider to Telgorithm. You can proactively set up an ‘event’ to automatically send all API calls to Telgorithm, enabling you to port numbers instantly and in bulk. We never charge for number porting. 

Test Drive Telgorithm 

Interested in exploring Telgorithm’s innovative 10DLC API tech, compliance guidance, and customer support? Contact our team to learn about our 30-day risk-free trials. While we don’t have volume requirements for our trial, please note that you must be sending a minimum of 500K messages per month overall to qualify.

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