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The Fastest Way to Port Numbers for A2P Text Messaging

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Considering Switching API Providers?

There’s a lot of turnover happening in the business, or application-to-person (A2P) SMS & MMS text messaging industry right now, particularly around 10-digit long code (10DLC) messaging. Registration deadlines, manual vetting delays, limited customer support, and spotty message deliverability are a few of the reasons businesses have been switching over to Telgorithm’s messaging API and support team. 

One of the most common concerns before making a switch is around disruptions – how will the process of changing API providers impact or disrupt your business and/or customers? 

It’s a valid concern which is why we created automated solutions to eliminate that risk.

Automated Number Porting for Zero Disruptions 

Migrating, or porting, A2P phone numbers from one API provider to another can be nerve wracking whether you have dozens of numbers or thousands. When a business tries to use a live phone number during a provider transition, the fear is that when they attempt to send messages, they send an API call to their previous provider which is no longer connected, and nothing comes back.

Telgorithm built a unique API logic that informs us in real-time the exact moment a number switches from another provider to us. You can then proactively set up an ‘event’ to automatically send all API calls to Telgorithm, enabling you to port numbers instantly and in bulk. Other providers do not have this capability. 

Additionally, we do not charge to port numbers – Automated Number Porting is included in our services. 

Automated Number Porting Solely For SMS & MMS Text Messaging 

If your current SMS & MMS messaging API provider is also your voice API provider and you’re happy with your voice services and don’t want to make a change there, a solution would be to work with a Hosted Messaging provider

Telgorithm offers Hosted Messaging, which means that you can stay with your current provider for voice and have Telgorithm host your messaging on those very same numbers concurrently and without disruption.

Plus, with Automated Number Porting, the entire migration process is faster and more seamless than with competitors. 

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