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How to Register as a Campaign Service Provider (CSP) with The Campaign Registry 

Written by: Telgorithm Expert 

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What Does it Mean to be a Campaign Service Provider? 

A Campaign Service Provider (CSP) is a path that software providers can take when registering their customers’ A2P 10-digit long code (10DLC) text messaging traffic with The Campaign Registry (TCR)

CSPs are the primary users of TCR and the owners of their registered Brands and Campaigns, meaning those Brands and Campaigns are not “stuck” with your API provider. CSPs are directly connected with TCR and have full management control of Brand and Campaign submission timeframes, insight and visibility into their status, and the ability to advise customers immediately. 

Getting registered as a CSP requires a few steps and a one-time $200 setup fee, but has incredible short and long term benefits for your A2P 10DLC product and customers. 

Step 1: Create a CSP Account 

To get started, head over to csp.campaignregistry.com/login and click ‘Register Now’ below the login form. Enter the requested information and hit ‘Submit’. 

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Work Email Address

You should see an image on your screen notifying you that a confirmation email has been sent to your inbox. The email will provide you with instructions for setting a TCR account password.

Step 2: Activate Your CSP Account

Once you’ve successfully signed in, you will click ‘Activate CSP Account’ at the bottom of the Welcome Page. On the CSP Details page, fill in your company information, but do so carefully to help ensure a swift registration process. 

You will fill in your contact details, read TCR’s Terms & Conditions, and submit. 

Once your CSP application has been fully submitted, the processing time will be roughly 3-5 weeks as all new CSPs go through a thorough vetting and review process. TCR will now bill you the one-time $200 setup fee.  

Step 3: Answer Follow Up Questions from TCR

In approximately 1-2 weeks from activating your account in Step 2, you will receive an email from TCR with a short list of questions that you’ll respond to for further verification. This should only take a few minutes to complete. 

Step 4: Attend Mandatory CSP Onboarding Seminar with TCR

In the fourth and final step of your CSP registration journey, you will be invited to attend a CSP onboarding seminar session with TCR with important and necessary information you will need to know regarding your responsibilities as a CSP. After attending the onboarding seminar, your CSP account will be approved within 24 hours on average.

You’re now ready to start discovering how to maximize your benefits as a CSP!

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