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Unlock the Power of Your CSP Portal: A Guide to Maximizing Your Benefits

Written by: Telgorithm Expert

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If your company was recently registered with The Campaign Registry (TCR) as a Campaign Service Provider (CSP) – congratulations! This is a huge win for one key reason: as a CSP, you are the owner of your Brands and Campaigns – not your SMS API provider (AKA the Reseller model). On top of that, some awesome benefits include: 

  • CSPs are the primary users of their CSP Portal on TCR. 
  • They have full management control of Brand and Campaign submission timeframes, insight and visibility into their status, and the ability to advise customers immediately.
  • They can communicate with TCR directly to get questions answered or help with troubleshooting. 

Get to know your CSP Portal and CSP benefits even better with the following pointers. 

Who Verifies Brands? 

TCR. Their goal is to ensure the info shared was accurate and that the business is legitimate and meets all requirements. 

Finding Brand Verification Status

In your CSP dashboard, click ‘Brands’ in the menu bar on the left hand side and click on the Brand you’re curious about. On that Brand’s page you’ll see ‘Identity Status’ – this will show either ‘unverified’ or ‘verified’. (You can also see all verified Brands under ‘Active Brands’ on the homepage of your portal.) 

Who Approves Campaigns? 

Direct Connect Aggregators (DCAs). DCAs manually review and approve (or reject) Campaigns based on guidelines set by CTIA and Carriers, then passes that info to TCR and the Carriers. 

How to Truly Know If and When a Campaign Becomes Fully Approved 

Similarly, you’ll navigate to ‘My Campaigns’ in the menu on the left hand side and click on the desired Campaign. When a Campaign is first submitted, the ‘Elected DCA’ column in the ‘Carrier Status’ section will show “No” next to each Carrier. If approved, the column will change to “Yes”. 

If a Campaign is rejected, it’s considered an ‘event’. Navigate to the ‘Event Type’ section at the bottom of the page – if you see “CAMPAIGN_SHARE_DELETE”, this means your Campaign was rejected. The ‘description’ column will show the DCA’s exact reason for the rejection and how to fix for re-submission.  

Adding Users to Your CSP Portal 

The designated CSP Admin can add more users by clicking their name in the top right corner and navigating to ‘Users’. Up to 10 users can be created, but if more are required, you can email support@campaignregistry.com to inquire. 

Migrating Campaigns

TCR recently launched a new self-serve tool exclusively for CSPs in which they can seamlessly migrate Campaigns from one Connectivity Partner (CNP) – AKA your API provider – to another without having to re-register. This means you don’t have to re-pay the $15 vetting fee and await re-approval, saving CSPs tons of time and money. You can learn more about how it works here

Looking for Better CSP Support? 

Telgorithm is a full service SMS/MMS API provider that specializes in 10DLC messaging and exclusively works with CSPs because we believe it’s the most beneficial and proper setup. We are uniquely equipped to provide the best possible support and technology to fit the needs of CSPs, including automatic 10DLC Carrier rate limit management, Sole Proprietor 2.0 use-case enablement, hands-on compliance guidance, and more.

Interested in learning more? Contact our team of 10DLC experts today. 

For more tips and pointers, check out these resources from TCR.

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