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The Campaign Registry Announces New Campaign Migration Tool for 10DLC Users

Migrate your approved 10DLC Campaigns to a new SMS API provider at the touch of a button for limited 10DLC disruptions.

TCR Announces New Campaign Migration Tool for 10DLC Users

Exciting news in 10DLC this year, The Campaign Registry (TCR) has announced a new Campaign CNP Migration Tool to be released by the end of Q1 2024 that will allow for easy Campaign migrations for CSPs and CNPs. 

In order to understand this news and how it applies to you, here are a few key terms to be familiar with: 

The Players:

  • You Are Here – You are a software provider offering A2P 10DLC text messaging services from your platform or application to your customers. AKA a SaaS, PaaS, CRM, etc. 
  • The Campaign Registry (TCR) – TCR is the single source registry vendor that validates businesses and their text messaging Campaigns to protect mobile users from scammers and reduce the risk of SPAM. Simply put, TCR is who you register your customer’s 10DLC messaging with. 
  • Connectivity Partner (CNP) – A CNP is who you, as the software provider, will use to enable your 10DLC messaging services, AKA your SMS & MMS messaging API provider, like Telgorithm, Twilio, Bandwidth, Telnyx, etc. 

The Two Pathways When Registering with TCR:

Campaign Service Provider (CSP) – CSPs are the primary users of TCR and the owners of their registered Brands and Campaigns. As a CSP, you work with multiple Brands (your customers) to create and launch A2P text messaging Campaigns (your customers’ use-cases). CSPs are directly connected with TCR and have full management control of Brand and Campaign submission timeframes, insight and visibility into their status, and the ability to advise customers immediately. This is the proper way to register with TCR as a software or app provider. 

Reseller – You are considered a Reseller if your CNP registers your Brands and Campaigns on TCR on your behalf. This makes your CNP the CSP of your Brands and Campaigns, giving them full ownership and control of the timing of data entry in TCR, visibility into what's being approved or rejected in TCR and why, direct communication with TCR, and more. Ultimately, when your API provider services as your CNP and CSP, they own all registered Brands and Campaigns (which we advise against).

Now that you’re familiar with the different players in the ecosystem and who controls what information in TCR depending on the path you choose during registration, let’s get into the new tool!

What the New TCR CNP Migration Tool Means for You

Prior to the announcement of the new TCR Campaign CNP Migration Tool, no such self-serve migration tool existed in TCR. That meant CSPs would need to re-register all of their Campaigns with the TCR in order to switch CNPs, AKA messaging API providers. 

In an effort to help with business continuity and efficiency, the new CNP Migration Tool will be made available for CSPs and CNPs to switch connectivity partners at scale with minimal service disruption.


Understanding the Perks of Registering as a CSPs

There are two paths a software provider can take when registering 10DLC with TCR – as a CSP or as a Reseller. To really own your A2P 10DLC text messaging as a software provider, you must register directly with TCR as a CSP. 

This migration tool announcement is great news for software providers who registered with TCR as a CSP and are therefore the primary users of their TCR account! 

This means instead of needing to re-register to switch CNPs, you can migrate easily from one provider to another. This is extremely important in the 10DLC industry as needs change and multithreading multiple providers at once is common in high volume messaging in order to create redundancies, test providers, and strengthen your messaging infrastructure. 

Every single Tegorithm customer is registered as a CSP and here’s why. 

Stuck in the Reseller Model?

If you’re a Reseller, and your CNP is also your CSP, owning all of your Brands and Campaigns in TCR, you won’t be able to leverage this new tool. Being a Reseller makes it difficult and costly to switch to other providers when you are unhappy with their service. 

Here’s what your current CNP doesn’t want you to know about the Reseller model… you have no visibility or ownership over your messaging compliance!

As a Reseller, you:

  • Have zero ownership or transparency over your registered Brands and Campaigns 
  • Become more dependent on your CNP than necessary 
  • Save zero time on registration – the process is exactly the same as it is for CSPs 

Not only can you not leverage the new migration tool, you don’t even have access to the CSP portal on TCR to see basic things like the reason your 10DLC Brands or Campaigns received a rejection. You have to wait for your CNP to relay that information to you which slows you down. 

The takeaway is: The Reseller model doesn’t replace the CSP model. It makes your API provider both the CNP and the CSP. This is not an ideal setup if you want to remain in control of your Brands and Campaigns. 

As a CNP, Telgorithm always recommends registering with TCR as a CSP and offers Automated TCR registration as we are partnered directly with TCR for an API-based registration making it fast and easy to register properly. 

If you have any existing Brands and Campaigns on a Reseller model with another provider that you want to migrate, reach out for our help in finding an affordable solution!

How the New TCR Campaign Migration Tool Works

The new migration tool will support CSP-initiated migrations, meaning the CSP would like to use a different CNP.

The Campaign will need to have the following criteria to be able to be migrated:

  1. At least one DCA has accepted the Campaign
  2. The Campaign is in TCR Status: Active.
  3. The Campaign is not currently Suspended by either a Mobile Network Operator (MNO) or DCA.

The CNP migration tool will be available in the CSP portal in Q1 2024 - the exact date is yet to be announced. For more in depth information on the new tool as well as an FAQ (starting on page 10), visit TCR’s documentation here.

Have More Questions About TCR and If You Are Set Up Correctly? 

Telgorithm will be hosting TCR for an upcoming webinar to discuss 10DLC messaging and ways to avoid disruptions, sign up for our newsletter here to get upcoming updates on details.

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