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Seeing is Believing: Demo Telgorithm’s Expedited 10DLC Campaign Vetting Approvals

Written by: Aaron Alter

A2P 10DLC TCR Registration

There are currently thousands of businesses rushing to register their A2P 10-digit long code (10DLC) text messaging traffic with The Campaign Registry (TCR) to avoid having unregistered traffic blocked by Carriers. The most prominent deadline across major messaging API providers is March 31, 2023. 

The influx of businesses registering their Brands and Campaigns on TCR combined with the manual Campaign vetting process across these API providers has resulted in excessive and costly delays for approvals. Some providers have warned that vetting will take a minimum of 15 days. For every 1M SMS messages your business sends, waiting even 15 days to send registered messages could cost you an average of $5K in revenue!

We’ve shared how Telgorithm has automated TCR registration and can enable you to activate 10DLC text messaging in minutes. We’ve also shared that we are able to expedite Campaign vetting approvals by 48 hours max, meaning you will be sending fully registered messages within 2 days of registering – never weeks. But now we want to prove it. 

UPDATE (3/28): As we get closer to registration deadlines, the widespread delays on Campaign vetting approvals are heightened due to the increase in requests. Telgorithm is not immune to industry delays, however thanks to our close relationships, we are still able to turn around in days and not weeks. We expect our approval timelines to go back down to an average of 24-48 hours max in the coming weeks.

How to Demo Telgorithm’s Expedited Campaign Vetting Approvals 

Test our Campaign approval vetting speeds for yourself with no strings attached. Here’s how

  1. Fill out a contact form and let our team know you want to demo our Campaign vetting approval speeds. 
  2. Go to The Campaign Registry and create a Campaign. 
  3. Select ‘Telgorithm’ in the dropdown menu as your Connectivity Partner for this particular Campaign. 
  4. Share the Campaign info with our team. We will review and send your Campaign upstream! 

You will then be able to monitor the exact amount of time it takes for Telgorithm to get your Campaign approved. There is zero coding involved, you don’t need to sign a contract, and we’ll cover the $15 vetting fee. 

If you have any questions about how to do this or want to learn more about Telgorithm, please reach out to our team of 10DLC experts today! We are all about transparency and creating solutions for challenges like these so that businesses can save time and grow revenue faster.

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