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Avoid A2P 10DLC Registration and Vetting Delays with Telgorithm

Written by: Aaron Alter

10-digit long code registration, A2P SMS registration

The 2023 10DLC Registration Smackdown

If you are an SMS & MMS provider offering A2P 10-digit long code (10DLC) messaging, you’re definitely aware that registration is no longer optional in 2023

Throughout the first half of this year, nearly all A2P text messaging API providers have announced deadlines for their customers to register all 10DLC traffic with The Campaign Registry (TCR) or face blockages and complete cutoffs on unregistered messages after the deadline.

Considering TCR registration has technically been mandatory since its inception in 2021, we believe enforcing registration is a bit past due. After all, registered 10DLC traffic is rewarded with higher throughput/rate limits, zero filtering for improved deliverability, and lower Carrier pass-through fees. It’s the best 10DLC messaging experience for a positive ROI. 

So the issue isn’t TCR registration. It’s that these same providers only support manual registration (meaning their customer has to do it) combined with manual Direct Connect Aggregator (DCA) vetting (on the provider’s side). Altogether, it’s been reported that businesses have been waiting anywhere between 4-8 weeks or more to complete. 

Businesses are being impacted with lost revenue and threatened customer retention. Overhead up, ROI down.

SOS: Telgorithm's Automated Solutions

If your team is currently in this situation, we feel your pain and we’re here to help. At Telgorithm, we offer automated solutions for the entire SMS & MMS messaging journey to enable our customers to send fully-registered messages in days.

Here’s how we do it: 

  • Automated Registration: As early 10DLC adopters, we partnered with TCR for an API-based registration that saves our customers time, money, and unnecessary overhead. 
  • Expedited Campaign Vetting Approvals: Due to our trusted relationships with DCAs, our Campaign registration goes through a dedicated path which speeds up overall approval times, a major differentiator with other providers. While most are taking anywhere from 4-8+ weeks, Telgorithm  will get your Campaigns approved in days. You can think of it using TSA pre-check at the airport. 
  • Automated Migration: Switching to Telgorithm is easy with automated porting APIs. Migrate existing phone numbers or purchase new numbers for new Campaigns instantly for immediate turn up.

Alleviating these pains and frustrations is extremely important to us because we’ve been on the other side and know how detrimental activation delays and blockages can be. Our mission is to provide transparency while proactively mitigating challenges like this one to save businesses time and grow revenue. Schedule a demo with one of our 10DLC experts today to learn more.

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