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How 10DLC Industry Changes Affect Your Customer's Experience & Retention

Written by: Telgorithm Expert

Telgorithm SMS APIs for best 10DLC messaging customer experience.

Anticipating Customer Challenges with 10DLC Messaging

As a service provider, whether you offer vertical SaaS, CRM or software platform solutions – we all know customer experience (CX) and satisfaction are the major keys to your business’ success. 

That’s why if you’re offering SMS & MMS messaging on 10-digital long code (10DLC) or local phone numbers to your customers, you need to be anticipating challenges your customers will inevitably face with the new A2P 10DLC changes happening today. 

Not only do you have to problem solve for existing customers actively sending 10DLC messages with your software, you also need to think about potential challenges for new, onboarding customers just getting started.

Prioritizing Existing 10DLC Customer Experience

For customers already sending 10DLC SMS/MMS messages with your software, they are grading you on the reliability of your service and deliverability of their messages. If a large portion of their traffic suddenly gets cut off due to SMS regulation changes, unfortunately, trust in your team and overall customer retention will be affected. 

The major challenges with 10DLC messaging your existing customers could be dealing with right now include:

  1. Delayed 10DLC registration with The Campaign Registry (TCR) due to tight deadlines with your current messaging API provider
  2. Slow 10DLC Brand and Campaign approvals causing pauses, cutoffs and overall disruptions to your customers SMS services
  3. Unclear rejections of 10DLC Campaigns with no direction from your provider on how to solve quickly, holding your customers back from completing 10DLC registration 
  4. Poor deliverability on 10DLC messages once approved due to lack of managing rate limits 

If you or your current SMS API provider cannot solve these problems for your existing customers – their unregistered traffic could be totally disrupted or even cut off, leading to lost customer trust and eventual churn. 

New Customer Onboarding Experience

Your existing customers may be experiencing 10DLC disruptions. But what about net-new customers wanting to onboard quickly and leverage the great product your team recently sold them?

All of these SMS regulations affect onboarding, too, and new customers will unexpectedly endure the same long industry wait times and poor 10DLC experiences – despite being sold the “dream of ease” by your sales team.

Rocky or delayed onboarding due to 10DLC challenges can affect:

  • Short and long term trust in your team
  • Brand sentiment in the marketplace
  • Early churn/overall customer retention

SMS APIs for a Flawless 10DLC Customer Experience 

Make sure to give new AND existing customers a seamless 10DLC experience. At Telgorithm, we can help streamline your current 10DLC compliance process with:

Get your new and existing customers through the new 10DLC regulations with ease and leave a positive sentiment for a flawless CX with Telgorithm. 

How to Leverage Telgorithm to Offer the Best 10DLC CX

If you’re ready to learn more about Telgorithm’s SMS API services for 10DLC – reach out to a Telgorithm expert now.

Worried switching providers will cause even more disruptions to your customers? Don’t worry, we thought about that too and offer Automated Number Porting that enables you to bulk port numbers over from any API provider to Telgorithm with zero business messaging disruptions for your customers.

Offer the best 10DLC CX to your customers with Telgorithm.

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