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10DLC Cut Off – What Now? Mitigating Damage from the Twilio Registration Deadline.

Messaging disrupted by the Twilio 10dlc registration deadline on Aug. 31? Quick solutions to get your businesses’ messaging up and running again.

10DLC Messaging Disrupted by the Twilio Cut Off? 

If Twilio’s 10DLC registration deadline cut off has taught us anything, it is that firstly, the A2P text messaging industry is cracking down on spam and businesses need to be prepared, and secondly, businesses need to be in control of their messaging and not leave their fate in their provider’s hands. 

That said, if the 10DLC deadline disrupted your messaging on Sept. 1 – you need a solution ASAP. In order to mitigate the fall out from the Twilio 10DLC cut off, below are actionable suggestions to get your 10DLC messaging back up and running again fast. 

  1. Find a replacement API provider that has DCA approval to send unregistered 10DLC traffic on your behalf while you complete the registration process to avoid further disruptions. 
  2. Confirm that the replacement API provider offers automated number porting to quickly and seamlessly migrate any active phone numbers over in bulk with zero disruption.
  3. Ensure that this replacement API provider has the expertise to support you through the rest of the registration process the right way. 

Let’s get into it.

#1 Vetting Other API Providers as a Twilio Replacement

The reality is – if you’ve been waiting 4-8+ weeks to finalize the registration process and get your Campaigns approved with Twilio, you can’t keep waiting post-cut off and risk keeping your 10DLC traffic being shut down for weeks on end. There is simply no time. 

We’ve heard from many people in the industry that vetting new providers can be intimidating because of all the unknowns. However, it’s a healthy activity for your business to keep an eye out for providers who can support you properly and not just stay with the status quo when it is no longer serving your business. 

Now that the cut off is here – take the time to research Twilio SMS alternatives and weigh your options. 

Solution: Luckily, Telgorithm has been DCA approved to support your existing unregistered 10DLC traffic (including pending Brands and Campaigns) while helping you complete the registration process. In other words, we can keep your compliant traffic up and running. You can port today and avoid being cut off any further. 

#2 Quick Migrations to Avoid Being Disrupted for Any Longer

If you’ve already been impacted by the 10DLC deadline, it may feel like the best option just to stay put and wait out the storm with Twilio. But you need to be open to the possibility that better, faster alternatives to Twilio SMS APIs are out there and your messaging doesn’t have to stay cut off.

Solution: Start sending any compliant unregistered 10DLC messages ASAP. Telgorithm’s automated number porting enables you to bulk port numbers over from any API provider to Telgorithm quickly with zero disruption. Not only can we send your unregistered traffic while you wait to finalize registration – we can migrate you from Twilio easily and it only requires a few lines of code

#3 Hold Your New Provider to a Different Standard of Support 

After experiencing the stress of this 10DLC registration deadline and cut off, it’s clear that there is no more time for messing around. You need to lock in a reliable provider for your product, and customers for the health of your business – no more gambling your SMS & MMS traffic with unreliable providers.

Solution: Not only will Telgorithm walk you through the 10DLC registration process and expedite your Campaign vetting and approval timelines, we will make sure you are registered the right way. 

The right way = to register with The Campaign Registry (TCR) as a Campaign Service Provider (CSP). You can register your business directly with TCR as a CSP, sometimes referred to as an Independent Software Vendor (ISV). As a CSP or ISV, you are the primary user of TCR and will maintain full ownership of your Brands and Campaigns and can stay more structurally flexible and vendor agnostic. 

This is the best path forward for your business. Any provider encouraging you to register as a Reseller does not have your best interest in mind. 

And as far as support goes, your team will work directly with a Customer Experience Manager with messaging expertise, from initial onboarding and registration to sending hundreds, thousands, and millions of messages on the daily. We enable open lines of communication with your rep and with our engineers via Slack, all at no added cost. 

Myths You’ve Might Have Heard 

Providers are going to lead you down every path that points to keeping your traffic with them. Make sure you remain aware of the following myths that could lead to being further entrenched with a provider that won’t be able to help you with disruptions due to the cut off. 

The #1 myth we hear is – if you’re blocked on 10DLC or don’t want to bother with TCR registration, just switch to Toll-Free. 

This is incorrect and not a solution for a time crunch cut off. In fact, Toll-Free has its own registration process similar to 10DLC and actually takes longer to verify than 10DLC numbers, usually 4-6 weeks on average. So all-in-all, the fact is that Toll-Free verification takes just as long if not longer than 10DLC registration and shouldn’t be seen as a shortcut, not to mention Toll-Free has significantly higher costs. 

How to Get Un-Disrupted

If you need a solution and FAST to the Twilio cut off, reach out to a Telgorithm expert now. We can auto-port your numbers quickly for a seamless migration and start sending your unregistered traffic ASAP to avoid disruption while you finalize the 10DLC registration process. 

There is no more time to waste. Contact a team member today to see if you qualify for a contract buyout.

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