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The #1 SMS API Twilio Alternative

Searching for a Twilio SMS API provider alternative? Upgrade your A2P messaging with Telgorithm.

Telgorithm is the #1 Twilio Alternative for SMS & MMS API’s

If you’ve been facing challenges with your SMS & MMS messaging and frustrated by the lack of solutions and support, just know that you’re not stuck. If you’re searching for the best messaging API for your business SMS/MMS, Telgorithm is the #1 Twilio SMS alternative.


Telgorithm and Twilio both offer SMS/MMS messaging APIs, so what exactly are the differences between the two? Let’s break down why tons of companies are switching to Telgorithm today. 

#1 Strategic Rate Limit Management 

Rate limit management is the #1 mission-critical service that Twilio does not offer its long code/10-digital long code (10DLC) customers today. Why is this so critical? Because exceeding your Mobile Carrier or The Campaign Registry (TCR) rate limit is the #1 cause of dropped or blocked 10DLC messages = poor deliverability. 

If you’ve received Error Code 30023 from Twilio, you’ve exceeded your 10DLC rate limits (also referred to as throughput limit), which is the volume of messages you are allotted to send within a specific period of time to each Carrier. Exceeding the limit means you’ve sent more messages than allotted at a given time and those messages went undelivered, lost forever for your customers. This costs you money and customer trust.  

Telgorithm, on the other hand, offers strategic rate limit management technology. We like to call it Smart Queueing, tech that auto-tracks your approved rate limits and auto-manages your traffic going to each individual Carrier, preventing you from exceeding these limits so you avoid dropped or blocked messages while still sending at maximum rates = maximizing your texting ROI potential.

Smart Queueing is how Telgorithm achieves an average of 98.7%+ message deliverability for our customers and is included completely free in our service. 

Managing rate limits = reliable deliverability. 

#2 Automated SMS Registration with TCR (as a Campaign Service Provider) 

This is so important and likely the root of a lot of frustrated Twilio customers’ problems. 

First and foremost, registration deadlines set by Twilio caused customers to rush TCR registration and with Twilio’s manual process took way longer than it should have. 

Telgorithm is partnered with TCR for an API-based registration to eliminate manual setup, saving your team time. Additionally, Telgorithm accepts your TCR-approved Campaigns from TCR and automatically imports them to your Telgorithm account. You will be notified so that you can proceed to the next step.

Secondly, Twilio likely advised you to let them complete TCR registration on your behalf as a Reseller. This is not in your best interest. You can register your business directly with TCR as a Campaign Service Provider (CSP), sometimes referred to as an Independent Software Vendor (ISV). As a CSP or ISV, you are the primary user of TCR and will maintain full ownership of your Brands and Campaigns and can stay more structurally flexible and vendor agnostic.

The alternative is allowing your messaging API provider register on your behalf, making you a Reseller. Some providers will market this as a more streamlined solution as they manage registration for you, but the reality is that it’s almost the same amount of steps but you forfeit your ownership of your account, making it extremely difficult to switch providers in the future.

Telgorithm will always advise you to stay in control of your Brands and Campaigns as a CSP. 

#3 On-Demand Customer Support (that’s free) 

Customer support is so imperative, especially in an industry that’s constantly changing. We’ve been the customer of API providers before, so we know how critical it is to have guidance to mitigate issues, and fast, knowledgeable support when something inevitably goes wrong.

This is why every Telgorithm customer works one-on-one with a Customer Experience Manager with messaging expertise, from initial onboarding and registration to sending hundreds, thousands, and millions of messages on the daily. We enable open lines of communication with your rep and with our engineers via Slack, all at no added cost. We’re dedicated to your long-term success and bottom line.

#4 Easy Integration/Migration from Twilio (that requires way less work than you think)

We have automated our API integration process to be as fast and seamless as possible for zero disruptions to you and your customers. The entire process generally takes less than one week, with only one day of work required of your engineers. 

Migrating from Twilio is also very simple and only requires a few lines of code

Additionally, if you are concerned with your messaging but don’t want to make any changes on voice – that’s not a problem. Telgorithm is a hosted messaging provider, meaning you can run your voice services with your current provider and concurrently host and run just your messaging services (on those very same numbers) without interruption.

It’s easy to migrate or add Telgorithm as an additional provider. 

#5 Automated Number Porting 

While Twilio advised four weeks to port a number, Telgorithm offers an automated porting process that enables you to bulk port numbers over for messaging services only from any API provider to Telgorithm in just 48 hours on average via our automated porting API with zero disruption.

#6 Competitive Pricing 

We don’t like to harp on price because if you’re having issues and need a better service to solve your problems, price shouldn’t be the number one factor. But that said, we all have balance sheets to worry about. 

Plain and simple: Twilio charges $0.0079 per message and Telgorithm charges $0.005

You’re Not “Stuck” 

If you’re ready to learn more about Telgorithm’s SMS API services vs. Twilio, have more questions about switching, or need to solve problems for your team fast – reach out to a Telgorithm expert now.

We also want to show you why we’re the best. Contact a team member today to see if you qualify for a contract buyout.

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