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Why It’s the Best Time to Switch to Telgorithm for Campaign Service Providers

Written by: Telgorithm Expert

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When it comes to application-to-person (A2P) 10-digit long code (10DLC) text messaging, partnering with the right API provider is essential. 

Campaign Service Providers vs. Resellers 

In A2P 10DLC messaging, Campaign Service Providers (CSPs) are the primary users of The Campaign Registry (TCR) and are the owners of their registered Brands (customers) and Campaigns (messaging use-cases). 

The alternative to being a CSP is being a Reseller, which means you let your Connectivity Partner (CNP), AKA your API provider, register your Brands and Campaigns on your behalf. As a Reseller, you unfortunately lose ownership of those Brands and Campaigns and lack control over the timing of data entry in TCR, direct visibility into what’s being approved or rejected and why, the ability to directly communicate with TCR, and more. For these reasons, we strongly encourage all software providers to register as CSPs. 

It Pays to Own Your Campaigns 

One of the most important aspects of being a CSP with TCR is that you have full ownership over your Campaigns, which is especially relevant when it comes to switching or multithreading API providers. 

TCR recently launched a tool exclusively for CSPs in which you can quickly and easily migrate Campaigns from one CNP to another – without having to re-register, repay the $15 vetting fee, and await approval. This self-serve tool is the first of its kind in TCR and is a game changer for CSPs. 

Telgorithm, the CSP Champion

Telgorithm is a full service SMS/MMS API provider that specializes in A2P 10DLC messaging. We’ve developed cutting edge technology to better enable software providers, and more specifically, CSPs, to send high-volume text messages at the highest delivery rates in the industry – 99%+ on average. 

Every Telgorithm customer is a registered CSP and we are uniquely equipped to provide the best possible support and technology to fit their 10DLC needs. 

Why It’s the Best Time to Switch to Telgorithm for CSPs 

We’ve always been the best solution for 10DLC SMS APIs, support, and compliance guidance – but here are three reasons why the timing couldn’t be better to switch to Telgorithm. 

  1. TCR’s Campaign Migration Tool - As mentioned above, this new self-serve tool enables CSPs to swiftly migrate Campaigns from one CNP to another without the hassle of having to re-register and re-pay the $15 vetting fee while also mitigating disruptions. 
  2. Campaign Approvals in 72 Hours Max - Our team is equipped to get into the compliance weeds with you to ensure your Campaign registration process goes smoothly. We proactively review with you and provide templates for your customers (if applicable) while keeping close relationships with DCAs to champion expedited reviews when needed. On average, our customers receive approvals in 72 hours max. 
  3. We Support Unregistered Traffic While Registration is Pending - Again, thanks to having trusted relationships in the industry, Telgorithm is uniquely able to support sending compliant unregistered traffic while Campaign approval is pending. There are still higher Carrier pass-through fees associated with this, but the ability to send urgent messages for your customers can make a huge difference for your business. We do expect this ability to be rolled back near the end of this year. 

How to Test Telgorithm 

Choosing a new technology provider is always a big decision and requires proper vetting. If you want to test everything from our messaging APIs to our CSP support, Campaign approval times, and ability to send unregistered traffic during pending registration – contact our team to explore our pay-as-you-go trials. You can test Telgorithm for 30 days with zero commitment; integration as a CSP typically takes less than 24 hours. 

Have more questions? Send a note to team@telgorithm.com – one of our 10DLC experts will be happy to help.

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