AT&T to Increase A2P 10DLC Pass-through Fees

Written by: Aaron Alter

A2P 10DLC Registration, Carrier Fees

The push for registering all A2P 10-digit long code (10DLC) text messaging traffic with The Campaign Registry (TCR) continues. Starting June 1, 2023, AT&T will be increasing unregistered 10DLC pass-through fees to the following per-message costs:

  • A2P 10DLC SMS per-message fee: increasing to $0.01 from $0.004
  • A2P 10DLC MMS per message: increasing to $0.015 from $0.005

While it may not sound like much, these new rates reflect a 150% increase for SMS messages and a 200% increase for MMS messages! This increase is specific to AT&T, but other Carriers are expected to follow suit. 

Avoiding Higher Pass-through Fees with TCR Registration

When it comes to A2P 10DLC, following compliance guidelines and registering with TCR are the best ways to not only avoid high pass-through fees and other penalties, but to actually increase your messaging ROI overall. The Carriers are ultimately trying to protect end users from SPAM, so approved, legitimate senders are rewarded with less filtering, lower pass-through fees, and higher throughput limits based on your messaging use case. 

Sending compliant but unregistered messaging traffic still puts you at risk of blockages and paying 4x higher pass-through fees (and rising). In other words, it’s just not worth it. 

Many messaging API providers have officially set deadlines to register with TCR, but we strongly recommend you don’t wait and instead take immediate action to keep your messaging ROI on the right trajectory. 

Need an assist from 10DLC experts?

10DLC messaging is Telgorithm’s bread and butter. We believe it’s the best option for affordable, reliable, and consumer-friendly SMS and MMS messaging. One way we’ve brought our customers ease in their 10DLC experience is by streamlining and automating the entire SMS & MMS journey. For example: 

Reach out to our team to schedule a demo or dive in deeper on these rising pass-through fees, TCR registration, and beyond.

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