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T-Mobile, Sprint Join AT&T in Increasing Unregistered A2P 10DLC Pass-through Fees

Written by: Aaron Alter

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The registration saga continues – T-Mobile (and Sprint) will be joining AT&T in increasing unregistered A2P 10-digit long code (10DLC) pass-through fees beginning June 1, 2023. In T-Mobile’s instance, they will be increasing the per-message pass-through fee cost incrementally every two months through December:

screen shot 2023 04 27 at 12 23 59 pm

As we shared a few weeks back, AT&T will also be increasing unregistered 10DLC pass-through fees to the following per-message costs starting June 1, 2023: 

screen shot 2023 04 27 at 12 24 22 pm

Registered 10DLC messaging costs will not change. 

How to Easily Avoid Higher 10DLC Pass-Through Fees

While these increases may feel like a gut punch, the Carriers are ultimately doing their part to encourage 10DLC registration with The Campaign Registry (TCR) to protect end users from SPAM and a negative A2P SMS & MMS experience. Once registered, businesses experience zero filtering, much lower pass-through fees, and higher throughput or rate limits designated for your specific messaging use cases. 

Don’t wait for some deadline to register your 10DLC traffic – start now and ensure you keep your costs low at these June 1 increases loom. 

Telgorithm Can Help 

We are the 10DLC experts and we’re completely equipped to make the experience seamless, affordable, and fast for our customers. We offer automated TCR registration so you can start sending messages instantly, and we’ve expedited TCR Campaign vetting approvals so you can send fully registered messages in days, never weeks (you can demo this process for yourself). 

Unregistered pass-through fees are on the rise, but you can steer clear of paying them by taking care of TCR registration today. Reach out to our team so we can help get you on a streamlined and lucrative path for 10DLC messaging.

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