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Why Every SaaS Company Should Multithread Messaging Service Providers

Have you considered multithreading?

We all know that in B2B SaaS, being equipped and prepared to best service your customers is imperative. Too much reliance on any third party vendor can be risky, and if you’re offering SMS and MMS messaging on your platform, this can apply to your messaging service provider.

We've Been the Customer

We know this might sound like a strange statement to make coming from us, being that Telgorithm is a messaging service provider. Don’t get us wrong, we have full confidence in our messaging APIs, patent-pending smart queueing technology, customer support, and unmatched pricing. But we’ve been the customer before, and unfortunately we’ve been burned by our messaging provider. We know firsthand how detrimental something like an outage can be. And if customer service and attentiveness isn’t a strong suit of your current provider now, imagine how challenging it would be to get support during an outage or widespread issue affecting more than just your account. Again, we’ve been there before, and if we had to do it all over again, we would have implemented multithreading.

How Does Multithreading Protect You?

For us, it’s important that our customers have ownership and control over their messaging, from being registered on The Campaign Registry as Campaign Service Providers (read more on this here), and multithreading – even a small portion of their traffic – with two or more providers, enabling them to stay vendor agnostic and infrastructure-secure. Any provider should be actively working to continuously earn your business and trust through a high quality product, strong performance, reliable support, and keeping you informed and prepared for inevitable industry changes. If they’re not, multithreading can take a lot of friction out of having to make a decision about migrating your traffic elsewhere. 

Final Thoughts

As you can safely assume by now, we are major advocates of multithreading your SMS/MMS messaging traffic with two or more providers. If you’re interested in trying out our APIs (bring on the stress test!), we’ve streamlined the onboarding process to take one week or less, so you’ve got nothing to lose. Let us know if you have questions or would like to discuss how multithreading could benefit your platform.

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